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This news section will allow you to find out about takeovers, mergers and other market news within the Malaysian tyre industry.

Silverstone attributed this success to its efforts in retaining the company’s relevance amid the challenging business environment.

TTM’s Phase 2 plant expansion would include the construction of a new plant building and installation of additional production equipment.

Nearly 70 Linglong distributors attended the conference to discuss and share their opinions on Linglong Tire’s development trends and future plans.

Internet of Things (IoT) would be fully installed at the new Toyo plant in Serbia, which would operate as a sophisticated smart factory.

Osaga Service Centre was one of the first partner workshops to adopt the Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop programme.

BKT has announced it will embarking on a Trophy Tour around Australia as a part of its sponsorship of the BBL.


The 24-year-old Zimbabwe-born Stephanie Travers was appointed as Petronas Trackside Fluid Engineer.  

The 4th edition of Shell Technovation focused on leveraging technology advances in the digital age to deliver next-generation products and services.

BKT in recent months have continued their strategy of increasing their brand awareness through sports league sponsorship by adding La Liga to their portfolio

The establishment of the strategic partnership with Linglong is seen as Geely’s affirmation and recognition of the comprehensive strength of Linglong.

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