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The Pilot Sport 4 SUV is developed for ‘excellent longevity, remarkable braking performance, dynamic handling and a comfortable driving experience’.

The 4th edition of Shell Technovation focused on leveraging technology advances in the digital age to deliver next-generation products and services.

Goodyear Malaysia recently announced Alex Ng as the new Managing Director

Giti Tire Malaysia recently sponsored the Cars of Malaysia 2019, described as a ‘unique one-of-its-kind’ car buying guide organised by Evomalaysia.

BKT in recent months have continued their strategy of increasing their brand awareness through sports league sponsorship by adding La Liga to their portfolio

The establishment of the strategic partnership with Linglong is seen as Geely’s affirmation and recognition of the comprehensive strength of Linglong.

Bendix Ultimate brake pads feature HPC technology that reduces brake dust, without compromising stopping performance.

Rydanz is the only designated tyre in the TCSA race competition and has won the praise of participants. 

Guests were given a live demonstration of the functions of Wonder tyre servicing equipment during the Wonderful Car Service event.

Giti featured two Audi R8 vehicles in the race, both performing impressively in their SP8 class throughout 24 hours race.

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