Yokohama BluEarth ES 32

The Yokohama BluEarth ES 32, a new fuel-efficient global standard tyre from the tyre maker, is designed especially for passenger and compact cars.

BluEarth is Yokohama’s ‘environmentally, human and socially friendly’ global tyre brand realising not only ‘excellent’ environmental performance, but reducing specific burdens on drivers, passengers and surrounding living environments.

It is described by the company as a tyre that provides a well-balanced package of 4 core performance traits; wet grip, wear resistance, durability and fuel efficiency. It features a new tread pattern with a wide, square, powerful profile that delivers stable driving performance and safe handling.

The new tyre uses Yokohama Rubber’s proprietary ‘nano Blend compound’ comprising various materials, including orange oil, which creates an optimal balance of high fuel efficiency, superior wet grip performance and wear resistance. The original ‘orange oil’ makes the tyre’s rubber more pliant, resulting in an optimal contact area between tyre and road, thereby reducing uneven wear.

Launched during the YHI Million Ringgit Club 2016 Awards Presentation Night, the BluEarth ES 32 is available in 73 sizes, from 13 to 18 inches for the Malaysian market. For profiles of 225mm and above, the new tyre has a straight groove added, making it safer for the bigger sizes.

YHI Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Yokohama tyres in Malaysia.


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