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Tyreplus Opens First Outlet in Singapore

Tyreplus, one of the world’s largest one-stop centres for car maintenance services with more than 2,000 stores in 17 countries, has launched its first outlet in Singapore. 

Nestled in Wave9, Woodlands Industrial Park, its flagship outlet offers a wide range of premium, mid-range and budget car services, including tyre changing and repairs, lubrication; wheel balancing; wheel alignment; alloy wheel maintenance; battery change; vehicle servicing; oil change; brake servicing; and air-condition servicing. 

“Michelin is committed to offering both individuals and corporate car owners the tyre safety they deserve,” says Chan Hock Sen, Country Director of Michelin Singapore. “This strategic partnership with Hock Tyre Group has enabled us to bring Tyreplus into Singapore. This is Tyreplus’s first master franchise in Southeast Asia. The mechanics would receive standardised training and would be audited periodically to ensure that they deliver consistent and quality service. Singaporean consumers now have a new choice when it comes to trustworthy automotive care and tyre services.”

“With the launch of Tyreplus in Singapore, we aim to raise the profile of the car servicing industry through the adoption of advanced technologies and procedures that adhere to international standards. Individuals and corporate car owners could come to Tyreplus and get detailed report so that they know exactly the problems and troubleshooting services they are paying for. We aim to open more outlets so that our consumers could visit Tyreplus within 15 minutes’ drive,” says Tay Ming Wah, Chairman of Hock Tyre Group.

High-calibre technicians perform safety check procedures that comply with international standards

As part of Tyreplus’s focus on driver and passenger safety, the company’s trained and experienced technicians follow a comprehensive Safety Check Points list that is used by specialists in 17 different countries. Armed with this list, they are able to address any needs and concerns of the customers and ensure that work is delivered to the highest standards. All customers would receive this free check when they sign up for any of Tyreplus’s services. 

First commercial automotive care specialist in Singapore to use Groove Glove

A laser-powered instrument, Groove Glove measures tyre tread depth by taking thousands of readings across the face of the tyre, and from shoulder to shoulder. Buoyed by 120 proprietary algorithms, the hand-held device is said to provide detailed, scientifically-derived cross-sectional wear information. Customers could retrieve their tyre health reports via a weblink or by scanning a given QR code. The report projects braking distance and immediately advises drivers if they need to adjust their tyres’ suspension alignment; or if a tyre change is required. With this revolutionary technology, every tyre technician in Tyreplus is transformed into a tyre specialist.





座落在Woodlands Wave 9 工业区的Tyreplus旗舰店提供广泛的高档、中价位及合乎预算的汽车服务,包括更换轮胎和修理、润滑油、轮胎平衡、定位、铝轮圈养护、更换电池、汽车服务、更换润滑油、制动服务及空调服务等。

“米其林立志为个人和公司汽车车主们提供他们应获得的轮胎安全。”米其林新加坡国内总监Chan Hock Sen表示。“我们与Hock Tyre集团的策略性合作,让我们能够将Tyreplus带到新加坡。这是米其林在东南亚的特许经营总店。技术员将获得常规培训和接受定期审计,确保他们提供一致性的优质服务。新加坡消费者如今多了一个可靠的汽车养护和轮胎服务新选择。 ”

“随着Tyreplus在新加坡的推介,我们的目标是透过运用符合国际标准的先进科技和程序,提升汽车服务业的水平。个人和公司车主可以到Tyreplus来索取详细报告,以了解他们的车子所面对的问题和所支付的服务。我们的目标是开设更多的分店,以便客户能够在15分钟内就找到一家Tyreplus服务中心。”Hock Tyre集团总裁郑明华表示 。



新加坡第一家采用Groove Glove的商业汽车养护专家

Groove Glove是一台激光动力轮胎花纹厚度测量仪,可从轮胎面、胎肩至胎肩读取数以千计的信息。据悉,这台拥有120项专利的手持装置可提供详细、以科技汲取轮胎磨耗截面的信息。客户可透过一个网站连接或扫描QR码取得他们的轮胎健康报告。 此报告不单可预测制动距离,还可建议驾驶员调整轮胎悬挂定位或更换轮胎。有了这项革命性的技术,Tyreplus里的每一名技术人员都变成了轮胎专家。

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