Linglong ATLAS Drifting Team Makes Debut in Di Grand Prix Series, China

Linglong Tire

Linglong Tire’s ATLAS Drifting Team made its debut at Di Grand Prix in China on 20th May, 2018. This was the first event for the team since its formation and it achieved ‘excellent results’.

Drift competition requires high driving technique and skills as well as mental fitness. As an event that integrates speed with technology, drift competitions put the tyre’s quality and performance to the test. Linglong says the ATLAS Flash AGT and Flash AGT-W are two tyres that are specially designed for drifting. It is said that both tyres are excellent in grip and manoeuvrability, ensuring driver and vehicle safety. 

As the first event of the Di Grand Prix Series in China, the final competition in the Beijing Station was on fire and extremely exciting, which brought fun as well as an exciting drifting feast for the audience. 

According to the company, the Di Grand Prix is the top international drift competition with strong influence and attention. Linglong Tire says it leveraged on the event to deepen the brand identity of its ATLAS series of tyres and the trust in the minds of consumers.



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