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Off-Road Excitement with Giti AT70 Tyres on “Let’s Cycle”

Giti Tire (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a sponsor for season 3 of 8TV’s popular “Let’s Cycle” travel adventure show, which took intrepid hosts Baki Zainal and Rickman Chia on a tough off-road trip in Sabah.  The show, which promotes the importance of going green and healthy living through cycling, has won awards such as Anugerah Skrin 2016 (Anugerah Rancangan Realiti Terbaik) as well as accolades for Best Infotainment Programme and Best Editing in the Golden Award 2017.


During the Sabah trip, the show hosts drove a Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck fitted with Giti 4×4 AT70 all-terrain tyres and encountered some very challenging off-road terrain on their way to Padas Farmstay, Tenom. 


The AT70 all-terrain tyres passed with flying colours on water-logged, muddy tracks as well as gravel and loose rocks. The drivers found plenty of grip and a stable, confidence-inspiring drive thanks to the AT70 all-terrain tyres, which are specially designed for SUV (sport utility vehicle) and 4×4 vehicles. 


With an innovative crown block style tread design inspired by tanks, the AT70 tyre is built to take on the toughest of conditions with safety and durability in mind. The AT70 features a 3-plies carcass and 5-plies sidewall which provides robustness against road hazards, while its 5mm-thick sidewall enhances puncture and anti-cut resistance.


Meanwhile, its 3.5mm high “chain” curbing blocks design can prevent upper sidewalls from being damaged by gravel on poor road conditions.  The AT70 also uses higher natural rubber and better tear-resistant compound, and is tailor-made for rugged road conditions. 


Giti 15 Days Total Assurance warranty 


Till December 31, 2018, Giti Tire is offering the Giti 15 Days Total Assurance warranty which is applicable for 15 days from date of tyre purchase, or up to 300km, or tyre wear less than 2mm (whichever is earlier).


This means that if you don’t like the tyres, just return them and the company will replace them with new Giti tyres or other tyres available in the outlet where you bought the tyres.


This special warranty is applicable for Giti Runflat Series (288 and 289), Control Series (SUV880, 288 and 280), and 4×4 Series (HT152, AT100 and AT70) only.


The tyres must be bought from authorised Giti Tire (Malaysia) dealers.Also, customers should register their tyres online as 100 online registered customers will be selected every quarter to receive a special Giti prize pack full of goodies.


环岛8 以佳通AT 70轮胎



佳通轮胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司,八度空间的热门旅游冒险节目《环岛8》(Let’s Cycle )第三季赞助商,让巴麒(Baki Zainal)和谢承伟两位主持人体验一个艰难的沙巴越野之旅。这个推广骑单车环保和健康生活的节目,曾荣获2016年Anugerah Skrin“最佳实境节目”奖 和在2017年金视奖中的“最佳信息节目”和“最佳剪辑”奖。

在沙巴的旅程中,这两位主持人开着安装上佳通AT70 全路形四驱车轮胎,并在前往Tenom的Padas 农家乐时遇到了非常具挑战性的越野地形。 AT70 全地形轮胎轻而易举地越过积水、泥泞、碎石及松散的岩石。驾驶员发现此款专为休旅车和四驱车设计的轮胎,拥有绝佳的抓地力和稳定性,提供充满信心的驾驶 。

AT70 拥有受坦克启发的创新冠部块状花纹设计,耐磨且能安全地承受最艰难的路况。  它的特点是三层胎体五层胎侧,提升抗路障的强度,耐载耐冲刺,胎侧厚度5mm,不易刺穿。

与此同时,其3.5mm “护栏型”防擦条,防止胎壁上层因恶劣路况的碎石而擦伤。AT 70 的天然胶含量高,采用具有提升抗撕裂功能的胶料,专为恶路行驶量身打造。


佳通轮胎提供佳通15天完整保用,从轮胎购买日起15天内或最高300公里,或轮胎磨耗少于2mm (视何者为先)。这意味着如果你不喜欢该轮胎,你可以退回,公司将你为更换新的佳通轮胎或在原购轮胎店面的其他轮胎。这项特殊保用只限佳通漏气保用轮胎(Runflat )系列(型号288和289)、控制系列(Control Series)的SUV 880、288及280,以及四驱车(HT152、AT100及AT70)。

此外,上述轮胎必须是向授权佳通轮胎(马来西亚)代理商购买的才享有此保用。佳通也提醒客户上网注册他们的轮胎,因为该公司将每3个月选出100名注册客户, 每位客户将获赠一个佳通礼品包。


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