New Falken Azenis FK510 Test Drive Session

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Prior to the official launch of the new Falken Azenis FK510 ultra high performance tyre at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur recently, its local distributor Stamford Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd organised a test drive for the media. 

Test Drive Session for Falken Azenis FK510

Held on the open tarmac next to the Shah Alam stadium, the session offered the media an opportunity to test and experience the performance of the new FK510. Drawing on the qualities of the renowned FK453 ultra high performance tyre, we were told that the new tyre was extensively tested on the track to ensure that it met the demand of high performance saloons on both dry and wet conditions. This made us even excited in finding out more about the new FK510, on how much it has improved compared to its predecessor and its strengths over the competitive brand. 

The test session consisted of slalom driving by instructors, a wet braking test and a short drive on the road around the stadium in cars fitted with different tyres - FK453, a rival tyre and the new FK510. We were told to ‘feel’ and pay attention to the respective tyre performance fitted on the Honda Accords

In the short slalom course around a set of cones driven by the instructors at about 40kph, the FK510 demonstrated better cornering performance with more grip. We were impressed, thanks to its wide shoulder block that enhanced high-speed cornering and lateral grip to help increase our level of confidence and security as well as safety as a passenger. 

It also outperformed the other two tyres with shorter braking distance on the wet surface at 60kph and a more comfortable and quiet drive.


新飞劲Azenis FK510 轮胎测试


飞劲轮胎本地经销商 添福胶胎,在吉隆坡格兰玛丽假日酒店(Holiday Inn Glenmarie)举行飞劲Azenis FK510 轮胎正式发布会前 ,特别为媒体主办了一场轮胎测试会,让媒体亲自测试和体验该轮胎的性能。 

测试地点就在沙亚南体育馆旁的露天柏油碎 石路空地。据添福胶胎表示,该新胎继承著名FK453 超高性能轮胎的品质,并经过广泛的测试,以确保 它符合高性能房车对干燥和潮湿路况的要求。 这让我们更急于了解全新的 FK510轮胎,究竟 在哪些方面做了改善和拥有哪些优点。 

我们采用安装上三种不同的轮胎--FK453 、竞争品牌及新FK510 Honda Accord,进行测试。其中包括由教练开车载我们绕锥,湿地测试及在体育馆附近的公路上短暂行驶。 我们被要求感觉和注意这些轮胎的表现。 

在第一个测试中,教练以40kph 的车速绕锥,FK510 展示了良好的转弯性能和更强的抓地力,令人印象深刻。这显然要归功于其宽胎肩花纹块设计,强化了轮胎的高速拐弯和横向抓地力,大大提高了我们作为乘客的信心和安全感。 



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