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Vebo Auto Service Creates Precedent with Malaysia’s First Touchless Wheel Aligner

Vebo Auto Wheel Aligner

Vebo Auto Service invests in the Launch X931 touchless wheel aligner to improve work efficiency and accuracy.

Launch X931 Touchless Wheel Aligner

Opened on 2nd January, 2019, Vebo Auto Service mainly attends to the repair and maintenance of the European brands, BMW and MINI. Of course, it is also opened to other vehicles for repair services. A special feature is that Vebo Auto Service has the world’s innovative Launch X931 touchless wheel aligner to become the first automotive repair centre in the Malaysian market to provide this advanced equipment.

“Although my business is mainly on car repair and maintenance, sometimes we have to remove parts of the suspension system of customers’ cars during the repair process. Once the suspension parts are reassembled, the alignment of the four wheels would deviate more or less. This is where we could provide customers with a four-wheel alignment inspection and service immediately,” said Vebo Auto Service Director of Operations Koh Jon Young.

To improve work efficiency and provide accurate four-wheel alignment service, Vebo Auto Service purchased the Launch X931 touchless wheel aligner, which Launch claims is the world’s first touchless four-wheel aligner that could accurately measure the wheel alignment parameters without any component touching the tyre or wheel rim.

Its main feature is to do away with the wheel clamp of the traditional four-wheel aligner and measure the four-wheel alignment data of the car without coming into contact with the tyre or wheel rim. By not using the wheel clamps and targets like the traditional four-wheel aligner, damage to the rims during the measurement process is avoided. The technology applied also does not require rolling compensation. These advantages reduce the work in vehicle maintenance and repair, and greatly improve measurement efficiency.

Even so, the most important performance of the touchless four-wheel aligner is the accuracy of the measurement. This touchless wheel aligner consists of four measuring units, which include high-quality industrial cameras, secure infrared lasers and advanced coordinate systems. At the same time, to adapt to the wheelbase of different vehicles, the measuring unit is mounted on a rail and could be moved back and forth. A computer equipped with 3D four-wheel positioning measurement software performs the job based on line laser projection. In this way, the data of the four-wheel positioning system is more accurate and said to be unparalleled compared to the traditional 3D four-wheel aligner.

“We are satisfied with the performance of the Precision X-ray of the Launch X931. Although its price is a lot more expensive than the traditional four-wheel aligner, it saves us a lot of valuable time and provides work efficiency. Through word of mouth, more and more people are coming to experience the ‘touchless’ alignment service provided by the Launch X931. Our charges are quite reasonable, between RM30 and RM80, depending on the car.”

He revealed that the company was satisfied with the way the Launch brand was doing business in Malaysia. “They are working hard to understand our business and concerns. They are very flexible and very open, and have provided us with many professional advice and solutions. We look forward to working closely with Launch in the future.”



Vebo汽车服务于2019年1月2日开业,主要负责欧洲品牌宝马(BMW)和MINI的维修和保养服务。当然,该中心也开放给其他车辆进行维修服务。Vebo 汽车服务最大的特点是拥有世界上创新的元征(Launch) X931非接触式四轮定位仪,这也让它成为马来西亚市场上第一个提供这种先进设备的汽车维修中心。


为了提高工作效率并提供准确的四轮定位服务,该公司购买了元征 X931非接触式四轮定位仪。元征声称这是世界上第一款非接触式四轮定位仪,能够在没有接触轮胎和轮辋下,精确地测量车轮定位参数。



“我们对元征 X931的精密X射线性能感到满意。虽然它的价格比传统四轮定位仪贵很多,但它为我们节省了大量的宝贵时间并提供了工作效率。经过人传人的介绍,现在已经越来越多的客户前来体验元征X931所提供的“无接触”四轮定位服务。我们的收费非常合理,价格介于30到80令吉之间,视车款而定。”

他透露,该公司对元征品牌在马来西亚开展业务的方式感到满意。 “他们正在努力了解我们的业务和关注我们的需要。他们不仅能够变通和拥有开明想法,也为我们提供了许多专业建议和解决方案。我们期待在未来与元征有更密切的合作。”

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