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Michelin Safe On Road Campaign

Michelin Safe On Road Campaign

The Michelin road safety campaign was aimed at highlighting the importance of tyre maintenance and periodic checks as part of good road safety practices.

Safety is Synonymous with Michelin

Michelin conducted its annual road safety campaign, Michelin Safe on The Road (MSoR), in May to drive home its commitment on mobility safety in Malaysia. The road safety campaign was aimed at highlighting the importance of tyre maintenance and periodic checks as part of good road safety practices. During the entire month, Michelin experts and staff conducted assessments on tyre conditions for the public at various locations throughout Malaysia.

Michelin Malaysia’s Commercial Director for B2B, Muhammad Arya Subrata, said: “Safety is synonymous with Michelin. This is an important aspect of our societal commitment, whether by providing tyres with uncompromising quality or relentlessly initiating road safety programmes. Malaysia recorded its highest number of road accidents ever last year and this urgently calls for greater road safety awareness.”

Road accidents commonly occur due to reckless driving but more often than not, it is also caused by vehicle failure due to a lack of maintenance. Michelin Malaysia says tyres are one of the most critical safety parts of a vehicle as this is where braking happens. As part of the MSoR campaign, in-truck road safety education was provided as well as complimentary tyre checks including air pressure, tread wear and overall tyre condition. Michelin consultants were on site in several locations nationwide to evaluate the condition of the tyres and provide valuable advice on how to prolong the tyre lifespan. Participating motorists also received car service voucher with free Petron card worth RM50 when they spend in Michelin Expert Centre.

Last year, Michelin successfully conducted 1,100 tyre checks in more than 26 locations nationwide. This year, with the support of its longstanding partners Petron and Tesco as well as the addition of Aeon Big, the MSoR campaign was expanded to more locations in the north and south of Peninsular Malaysia.


米其林推出名为“Michelin Safe on The Road”(MSoR)的常年道路安全运动,旨在进一步兑现促进大马行车安全的承诺。道路安全运动的目标是凸显轮胎保养和养成定期检查轮胎好习惯的重要性。整个5月间,米其林专家和员工将在全马几个特定地点为民众检查轮胎。

大马米其林B2B商务部董事默哈末阿尔亚(Muhammad Arya Subrata)说:“‘安全’与‘米其林’是同义词。这是我们社会承诺相当重要的一个面向,不管是供应高品质轮胎或永不懈怠推动道路安全活动与计划。大马去年的交通意外率创下历来最高纪录,而这点显示有必要提升道路安全意识。随着齌戒月逼近,‘米其林专车’(Michelin Truck)将巡回各地提醒大家,作为道路安全第一道防线的轮胎是确保安全回家的关键。”

常识告诉我们交通意外通常由鲁莽驾驶造成,不过,因为维修不足而造成车子损坏也往往是造成交通意外的原因。轮胎是车子最关键的安全部件之一,因为它负责刹车。作为MSOR Truck Roadshow的一部分,现场会有卡车内道路安全教育讲座以及包括胎压丶胎面磨耗与轮胎整体状况在内的免费轮胎检查。米其林顾问将从早上11点至晚上8点在全国几处协助检查轮胎状况,同时提供您如何延长轮胎寿命的珍贵建议。凡在“米其林专家中心”(Michelin Expert Centre)消费的车主将获赠价值50令吉的汽车服务礼券与Petron卡。

去年,米其林成功在全马26处检查了1,100条轮胎。今年,在长期伙伴Petron丶Tesco以及Aeon Big的加入和支持下,MSoR运动将扩大它在北马和南马区的范围。

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