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Linglong Tire and Juventus Renew Partnership Until 2022

Linglong Tire and Juventus have recently announced an extension to their partnership for an additional three years.

3 More Years for Linglong and Juventus

The extension sees Linglong Tire continuing to be Juventus’s Official Global Tyre Partner until 2022. 

“We are happy to continue this successful relationship with Linglong Tire,” said Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer.

He continues, “This has proven to be a mutually beneficial partnership that has allowed both brands to continue to grow globally thanks to a series of fantastic activations. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration in order to create even better experiences for fans.”

“During the past few years, Juventus and Linglong have worked together and established a good cooperative relationship and a deep friendship.” said Linglong Chairman Wang Feng.

“With the help of the club’s huge and loyal worldwide fan base, Linglong has improved its brand image and increased its product sales, with the brand now being chosen by more consumers.” 


自2018年2月1日签署合约以来,玲珑轮胎与尤文图斯(Juventus)展开了友好合作。合作期间,尤文图斯是两届Serie A冠军得主,并分别赢得一次 Coppa Italia及意大利Super Cup冠军。 两方宣布续约,玲珑轮胎将继续成为尤文图斯的官方全球轮胎伙伴,直至2022年。


“尤文图斯与玲珑轮胎的成功伙伴关系能够持续,让我们感到开心。这证明了一个互惠互利的伙伴关系能够让双方的品牌知名度持续在全球取得飞速提升,带动了产品销售效果。我们期待续约之后,能够为粉丝创造一个更好的经验。”尤文图斯营收官里奇(Giorgio Ricci)表示。




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