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Vipal Rubber Goes to TCR Europe in Barcelona

The partnership with Urrutia and the WRT Audi Team yielded positive results in Spanish Stage of TCR Europe.

Vipal Rubber Sponsors WRT Audi Team and Driver  Urrutia in Spanish Stage of TCR Europe

Commitment to winning is a core value at Vipal Rubber. And when the brand meets a partner who shares this same philosophy, the recognition becomes evident. This is the case of Uruguayan driver Santiago Urrutia and the WRT Audi Team, which were sponsored by Vipal Rubber in the Spanish stage of TCR EuropeTouring Car Series. Company customers were able to spend the race weekend in Barcelona, with VIP access to the paddock frenzy and the pit lane of the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit, one of the most traditional in Europe and which has been hosting Formula 1 races since 1991. 

“Following our tradition of being close with our partners, we decided to provide this party moment to strengthen the relationship with our customers,” says Leandro Rigon, Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber. The partnership with Urrutia and the WRT Audi Team yielded positive results, as their work was successful on the tracks: while the driver finished third, the team got second place in the team championship. In addition to the thrills of the race, Vipal Rubber’s customer group could also enjoy the weekend in the capital of Catalonia, one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan and bustling cities. 

TCR Europe runs on world-famous car racing circuits – of this year’s seven racetracks, six of them (Hungary, Hockenheim, Spa-Francorchamps, Austria, Barcelona, and Monza) are used by Formula 1. The cars are factory original and, to have a fair competition, they all use the same transmission from the models sold at European dealers. The 2019 season started in Hungary and ended in Monza, Italy, on October 12 and 13. 

The WRT Audi Team is a Belgian team founded in 2009 by former Volkswagen Motorsport Director René Verbist and driver Vincent Vosse. The team runs several Audi models in European touring categories, such as the TCR Europe Series itself and Blancpain (GT, Endurance, and Sprint Series). In 2011, they won the 24 Hours of Spa on one of the most traditional and difficult circuits in the world. 


Vipal 橡胶参与巴塞罗那TCR欧洲房车系列


立志要赢是Vipal橡胶的核心价值。当该品牌遇到了一个拥有同样理念的伙伴,这样的认知就更加明显起来。Vipal橡胶赞助欧洲房车系列(TCR Europe)西班牙站的乌拉圭车手乌鲁希亚(Santiago Urrutia)与奥迪WRT车队就是这样的情况。Vipal橡胶公司的客户能够在巴塞罗那度过该赛车周末 ,并持有巴塞罗那—加泰罗里亚赛车场的围场和维修道VIP通行证。 该赛车场是欧洲最传统的赛车场之一,自1991年以来F1的赛事都在那儿举行。

“跟随我们接近客户的传统,我们决定提供这个‘派对时刻’来巩固我们与客户的关系。”Vipal橡胶国际业务总监里贡(Leandro Rigon)表示。乌鲁希亚和奥迪WRT车队的合作取得积极成果,在赛道上表现出色:车手获得季军,车队则在车队竞标赛中屈居亚军。除了紧张刺激的比赛,Vipal橡胶客户也能够在欧洲最国际化和繁华的城市,也就是首都加泰罗里亚享受周末。


奥迪WRT车队来自比利时,由前大众汽车运动总监维比比特(Rene Verbist)和车手沃斯(Vincent Vosse)成立于2009年。该车队在欧洲房车赛中参加奥迪车型类别比赛,如TCR欧洲房车系列和BlancpainGT、拉力赛季Sprint系列)。2011年,他们在世界最传统和最困难的赛车厂之一,赢得了斯帕24小时耐力赛。



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