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Bendix High Performance Coolant

Bendix High Performance Coolant is a pre-mixed Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant with demineralised water.

Bendix High Performance Coolant Now in a 1-litre Bottle Pack

Without radiator coolant, an engine would overheat extremely fast, leading to mechanical breakdown and engine failure. While oil might be the life force of a car’s engine, coolant acts as the agent that helps to dissipate heat. The coolant is a mixture of ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and water that is stored in a car’s radiator. It prevents the water from freezing and boiling given the extreme temperatures it is exposed to. Considering the amount of heat energy generated by burning gasoline within an internal combustion engine, the engine’s cooling system is greatly relied upon to ensure the car functions properly. Additional features of the coolant include the prevention of rust and formation of an acidic solution that could harm the engine. Bendix says that it must use deionised, purified, demineralised or distilled water since these are free of minerals commonly found in tap water. The minerals could deposit in the radiator pumps and damage the setup.

A good rule of thumb for the coolant mix is 50/50, but more antifreeze in the mix increases the boiling point and decreases the freezing point. Generally, for the climate that we have in Malaysia, a 50/50 mix is more than enough for the conditions the engine faces.

Over time, normally around 3 or 5 years (or 60,000 and 80,000 kilometres respectively), the coolant expires and risks becoming acidic. If the solution in the radiator becomes acidic, it promotes rust and ion formation in the system that contributes to electrolysis and, in turn, corrodes engines and degrades gaskets. Check your coolant regularly to see if it needs to be flushed and replaced with a new one. For optimal performance, drain the cooling system and refill with Bendix High Performance Coolant.

Bendix High Performance Coolant is a pre-mixed Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant with demineralised water. While maintaining the cooling system in an ideal working temperature, this coolant provides ‘excellent’ corrosion protection and prevent blockage in the radiator. Just like every other Bendix range of products, Bendix says its High Performance Coolant is made from high purity ingredients that meet international standards including BS6580:2010, ASTM D3306, NB/SH/T 0521-2010 & GB 29743-2013. Bendix High Performance Coolant now comes in a 1-litre bottle pack.





50/50 的冷却剂混合度是最好的,如果加入更多的防冻剂,就会提高沸腾点而降低凝固点。对于马来西亚的天气来说,50/50混合的冷却剂就能冷却引擎面。

一般来说,大约3 或5年(或汽车行驶至60,000和80,000公里)之后,冷却剂就会过期而变成酸性溶液。如果散热器中的液体变成酸性,就会促成系统生锈和形成离子,带来电解,进而腐蚀引擎并降低垫圈片的功能。所以,定期检查冷却液,看看是否需要冲洗或更新是很重要的。为了获得最佳的冷却性能,排空冷却系统后,重新加注奔德士高性能冷却剂。

奔德士高性能冷却剂是一种具有去矿物质水的预混合有机酸技术(OAT)冷却剂。除了能将冷却系统维持在一个理想的运作温度外,该冷却剂还可提供最佳的腐蚀保护和防止散热器阻塞。奔德士说,就如同该公司的其他系列产品一样,其高性能冷却剂具有高纯度,符合包括BS6580:2010、 ASTM D3306、 NB/SH/T 0521-2010 及 GB 29743-2013的国际性能标准。奔德士高性能冷却剂目前拥有一公升瓶装。  


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