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‘The Tyreman’: How We Started

The Tyreman

‘The Tyreman’ was established in 1969 and the name was given by Vincent Youngso.

The History of ‘The Tyreman’

By Chen Jet How


After setting up Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd in 1968, I decided to start a professional tyre publication. At that time, there was hardly any national consumer magazine in the country, to say nothing of trade magazines. The rationale behind this was very simple; we needed a channel to promote our products in the industry. Besides Newera Equipment Supply that provided advanced tyre servicing equipment and solutions, we also had Kit Loong Tyre that had a direct involvement in virtually all aspects of the tyre industry. Instead of searching for a suitable magazine that was very unlikely to be found, I saw the advantage of starting one on my own.

 ‘The Tyreman’ was then established in 1969. The name of the magazine was given by Vincent Youngso, my Chinese-Canadian friend. It was an in-house magazine for the company to introduce our products, carry out our PR campaign and reach out to our existing clients and potential customers. Apart from these main objectives, we also put in a lot of effort in the content of ‘The Tyreman’ to keep the industry abreast of new developments, including news and business information, product updates, the latest technologies from overseas, current market trends and challenges. Although we managed to get some advertisers, ‘The Tyreman’ was funded largely by us.

Over the years, ‘The Tyreman’ gradually gained and captured readers’ attention in the industry. It helped to advance the level of trade knowledge, especially about prospective needs in products and technology, which facilitated the growth and development of the Malaysian tyre and automotive servicing industry.

‘The Tyreman’ was my ‘baby’ and I did have the ambition to grow it into an independent magazine. However, as an active player in the market, not many of our competitors would be open enough to ‘invest’ in the magazine, meaning to advertise with us as well as trust us enough to publish their business news and product updates in our magazine.

In 2002, the opportunity came. When the current ‘The Tyreman’ publisher David Wilson shared with me that he was exploring the possibility of establishing a B2B magazine to serve the tyre industry in Southeast Asia, I made him an offer to buy over ‘The Tyreman’.

The deal went through. Today, ‘The Tyreman’ is still the first and only business journal for the Malaysian tyre and automotive aftermarket industry. I am truly proud to see how ‘The Tyreman’ has been grown and is widely accepted and recognised by the industry.


《轮胎世界》- 源起



在1968年成立了现代机器设备有限公司后,我便决定出版专业轮胎刊物。当时国内的消费者杂志不多,更遑论行业性杂志了。我的目的很简单,我们需要一个渠道来推广我们的产品。除了提供先进轮胎服务设备和解决方案的现代轮胎设备外,我们还有吉隆,一家与轮胎行业密不可分,业务涉及轮胎业各个层面的公司。与其寻找一本适合我们却几乎不可能找到 的杂志,我看到了创办这样一本刊物的好处。

就这样,《轮胎世界》于1969年创刊,为这本杂志命名的是我的 加拿大华裔朋友杨苏 。一开始它只是公司内部的杂志,旨在介绍我们的产品、开展公关活动及接触现有和潜在客户 。除了这些主要的目标,我们也在 《轮胎世界》的内容方面做出了不少努力,让业界了解新发展,包括新闻和商业信息、产品新知、海外最新的技术、目前的市场趋势及挑战等。虽然我们成功获得一些广告支持, 但《轮胎世界》的大部分资金却来自于我们。



2002年,机会来了。当《轮胎世界》现任出版人大卫 ● 威尔森(David Wilson),与我谈及他有意为东南亚的轮胎业创立一本B2B杂志时,我建议他收购《轮胎世界》。

结果该交易达成了。今天《轮胎世界》仍然是马来西亚轮胎及汽车后市场的第一本,也是唯一的一本商业杂志。我为《轮胎世界》的成长,它的广受业界接纳和认可感到无比自豪 。

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