Dynamo Lubricants Launched in Malaysia


Dynamo's wide range of oils and specialty lubricants were manufactured in Malaysia, formulated with the latest German and American additives technology.

Dyanamo Lubricants Now Available in Malaysia

Dynamo Lubricants, a new lubricant player in the market, officially launched its products in Malaysia recently. The launch was hosted by Executive Director Prakash Dhamaha, together with the company’s current and prospective strategic partners from Australia, the Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

“We believe that Malaysia represents the ideal hub towards expansion and accomplishing Dynamo Lubricants’ mission throughout Asia. Our official launch represents a significant milestone for Dynamo Lubricants and would allow us to expand our footprint through strategic partnerships across Southeast Asia. Our high quality and exceptional value oils and lubricants are proudly manufactured in Malaysia and we are looking forward towards earning greater market share across Malaysia’s automotive and industrial sectors,” he said.

Billed as a producer and supplier of high quality oils and lubricants for automotive and industrial users, Dynamo Lubricants said its mission was to exceed both the current and future expectations of its consumers and the industry.

According to the company, its wide range of oils and specialty lubricants were manufactured in Malaysia, formulated with the latest German and American additives technology. It aimed to penetrate Southeast Asia and South Asian markets, capitalising on the rising demand for automotive and industrial oils in the emerging economic sector.

Started as a family-owned business operation in 1950, Dynamo Lubricants said the company comprised highly experienced energy trading professionals.

Focused on its corporate and social responsibilities, for every litre of oil and lubricant sold, the company would allocate 1 US cent to help selected orphanages and needy schools across the South and Southeast Asian region, including Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia




市场新润滑油公司Dynamo润滑油,近日在马来西亚举行发布会。该发布会由执行董事达哈玛(Prakash Dhamaha),与该公司目前和来自澳大利亚、菲律宾、尼泊尔、缅甸、柬埔寨及越南的潜能策略性伙伴联手主办。

“我们相信马来西亚是Dynamo 润滑油扩充和实现它横越亚洲使命的理想枢纽。这个正式的发布会代表着Dynamo润滑油的重要里程碑,它将使公司得以透过东南亚的策略性伙伴扩展我们的足迹。我们的高性能品质和超值的油与润滑油都是在马来西亚制造的,并期望能在马来西亚汽车及工业领域赢得更大的市占额。”他说。








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