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Lik Thong Resources All Set to Boost Pirelli Brand in Commercial Segment

Lik Thong Pirelli Brand

In 2017, Lik Thong Resources was appointed by PTG as the exclusive distributor of Pirelli TBR tyres for Malaysia.

Lik Thong Resources to Grow Pirelli Commercial Tyres

Since its establishment in 2008, Klang-based Lik Thong Resources Sdn Bhd had actively been involved in the truck tyre distribution business nationwide.

“We began by promoting industry truck tyres and the related skills. To grow we need to respond effectively to market trends and needs. That was how we expanded to the new Chinese top brand truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres,” said the founder, Eric Puah.

There are many different brands and qualities of Chinese TBR tyres in the market, thus Puah stressed the importance of choosing a good brand. With ‘Strength in Integrity’ as the company’s core value, he said it was not only a brand’s products and services that needed to follow responsible and ethical business practices, the company also had to take a stance on the product’s quality, reliability and safety to the users.

“We chose Aeolus among the other tyre brands in 2013 as we saw the growing potential of this brand. It has a solid reputation and is ranked among the top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world. The relationship with Aeolus Tyres, as well as the later merging of Aeolus Tyres and Pirelli Industrial, led us to partner with the Prometeon Tyre Group (PTG), the new company created from the above joint venture. This enabled us to add the Pirelli TBR tyres in our product offerings and create distinctive value.”

In 2017, Lik Thong Resources was appointed by PTG as the exclusive distributor of Pirelli TBR tyres for Malaysia.

“We are able to provide more options for the market as we could cover the premium niche commercial tyre segment with tier 1 Pirelli brand and the middle market segment with tier 2 Aeolus Tyre brand.”

Proper Brand Positioning

Puah pointed out that the Pirelli brand was an icon of technology and performance. “If you look at the tyres in the luxury car segment as well as those fitted in the high range and sport car segment, you would find that most of them are the Pirelli OE brand. Pirelli is the absolute world leader in the prestige segment, claiming 50 per cent of the market. PTG uses technology under a licence agreement with Pirelli Tyre S.p.A. and its more than 100 years’ experience in the industrial tyre sector to offer an entire range of products and services for all types of use. Thus, there is no doubt of its quality and performance. However, when it comes to commercial tyres, Pirelli is relatively new in the Malaysian market.”

The company carries a wide range of Pirelli TBR tyres, including FR01 and TR01 that are designed for regional and long-haul vehicles on slightly abrasive road surfaces and winding or mountains roads; the FG01 (steer axle) and TG01 (drive axle) on/off road products are designed for mixed use vehicles on the road, conditions in Malaysian construction sites and under slightly-aggressive tread-wear conditions.

The company’s current focus, he said, was to continue with brand building as well as ensure that the brand would achieve new heights in the Malaysia TBR segment. “When we just started selling the brand, we had to offer a competitive price and service. The mileage, durability and retreadability of the products speak for themselves; we have been gradually and stably gaining momentum.”

Currently, the company has 8 dealers across Malaysia and its target is to appoint a few more. “I think for the moment active and quality dealers would be sufficient to cover the entire Malaysian market. We want to promote the right Pirelli Tyre dealers who we feel would be a good fit for the brand.”

Compared to the other companies, Lik Thong Resources is willing to invest and has set up its own marketing and claims department. “We would also actively promote roadshows to create awareness of the tyre industry.”

Aeolus and Pirelli S.p.A are said to have agreed to Lik Thong Resources setting up an exclusive claims department to facilitate and expedite the claims on technical issues in a professional manner to avoid potential disputes against these claims.

Lik Thong has a slogan – ‘Closing the sales isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of service’ – that Puah said best described the principle that the company adhered to. “Good after-sales service differentiates us from the others, which would ultimately lead to customer’s loyalty.”

In delivery, he said, at the moment customers should receive the delivery of their tyres within 48 hours in West Malaysia. However, he revealed that the company’s target was to shorten the delivery time to 24 hours in the near future.

Besides that, he said, with 50 servicing points and 24/7 tyre breakdown service in Peninsular Malaysia, the company was able to help its customer’s trucks get back on the road quickly and efficiently, ensuring total peace of mind.

Today, Lik Thong Resources has two subsidiaries – Titan Tyre Resources Sdn Bhd and Brilliant Tyre Services Sdn Bhd. It is also engaged in the distribution of OTR and light truck rims’ business.




“我们一开始推广工业卡车轮胎和相关技巧。为了增长,我们必须有效回应市场的趋势和需求。我们就是这样扩展进入中国顶尖新卡客车子午胎品牌的领域。” 创办人潘泳良表示。


“2013年,我们从其它的轮胎品牌中选择了风神。它拥有良好的声誉,而且是全球20大轮胎制造商之一。我们与风神的关系,再加上后来风神轮胎和倍耐力工业(Pirelli Industrial)的合并,使我们与上述两家公司的新合资企业– Prometeon轮胎集团(PTG)有了合作关系。 倍耐力卡客车子午胎丰富了我们的产品供应, 为我们创建了独特的价值。”


“这样一来,我们就能为市场提供更多选择,因为我们能以一级倍耐力品牌覆盖优质‘利基’商用车轮胎领域 ,以二级风神轮胎品牌覆盖中级市场。”


潘泳良指出,倍耐力品牌是技术与性能的‘图标’。 “你只要看看豪华车和安装在高端和跑车细分市场里的轮胎,你便会发现大部分的它们都是倍耐力原配品牌。倍耐力长期受到世界著名汽车品牌的认可,拥有50%的市占额。根据PTG与倍耐力轮胎公司的许可协议,PTG可采用其技术,配合它在工业轮胎领域超过百年的经验,提供适合各种用途的全系列产品。因此,其产品和性能是无庸置疑的。然而,在商业轮胎方面,倍耐力在马来西亚市场却是个新品牌。”

该公司销售系列广泛的倍耐力卡客车子午胎,包括区域和长途行驶的FR01和TR01轮胎,适用于轻度粗燥路面、蜿蜒崎岖山路。FG01 (转向轴)和TG01(驱动轴)公路/越野轮胎产品,主要用于在公路上行驶的混合用途车辆、马来西亚的建筑工地和微磨耗路况。





利通资源有一个口号 —‘售出不是终止,服务才开始’,这个口号潘泳良表示最能描述该公司所秉持的原则。“良好的售后服务使我们有别于其他的业者,最终将为公司带来忠诚的客户。”

在产品交付方面,他说目前西马的客户可在48小时里 取得他们的轮胎。然而,他透露说,该公司希望在近期里实现24小时内将轮胎送达的目标。

此外,他表示,他们在马来西亚半岛拥有50个服务点和24/7 轮胎故障服务。为此,该公司能够协助客户的卡车在最短的时间里会回到路上,确保客户完全安心。


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