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Michelin Introduces Michelin Energy XM2+

Developed to outperform its previous generation in wet braking, the Energy XM2+ offers ultimate safety – both when new and throughout its useful life.

Michelin Energy XM2+ Offers Ultimate Safety and Longer Life

Michelin recently unveiled the Michelin Energy XM2+ with the tagline: ‘Your Stopping Superpower’. Targeting young and budget-conscious consumers who look for a tyre with safety and performance that last, the Energy XM2+ is seen as the ideal fitment for small- and mid-size passenger cars. Developed to outperform its previous generation in wet braking, Michelin says the Energy XM2+ offers ultimate safety – both when new and throughout its useful life. 

Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, Pascal Nouvellon, said: “The Michelin Energy XM2+ improves on its predecessor – Michelin Energy XM2, which has been a leading mass-market tyre for 8 consecutive years – in various aspects. Its performance is made to last. Indeed, the tyre’s ‘Stopping Superpower’ is preserved at a high level, even when the tyre has been used for a long time. As its advertising campaign goes, Michelin Energy XM2+ is like a ‘Stopping Superpower’ keeping consumers safe and confident on the road, time after time.” 

With a new full-silica rubber compound, Michelin says the Energy XM2+ provides shorter wet braking distances by 1.5 metres when new, and by 2.6 metres when worn, compared to the average of other premium tyre manufacturers. The tyre also offers a longer mileage that outlasts other premium tyre manufacturers by 25 per cent. 

“The ‘+’ sign on the sidewall denotes the rubber compound upgrade that is behind the braking superiority of the Michelin Energy XM2+ versus its predecessor. The tyre also maintains the Green ‘X’ marking of its predecessor, indicating optimised fuel savings. We hope the combination of enhanced safety and superior value-for-money would appeal particularly to the younger consumers,” added Nouvellon. 

In Malaysia, the new Michelin Energy XM2+ is available at Tyreplus and all Michelin authorised dealers across the nation in 32 sizes, from 14- to 16-inch diameter. For more information, visit




米其林日前推出产品标语为“Your Stopping Superpower”的轮胎米其林 Energy XM2+。该款轮胎被誉为是中小型轿车的理想配备,它的目标客户是那些追求安全、性能持久,经济实惠的年轻消费者。米其林表示,Energy XM2+在湿地刹车性能上比上一代更强,而且从全新到到整个使用寿命期间都能为用户提供最佳的安全。 

大马丶新加坡丶印尼及汶莱米其林董事经理努韦隆(Pascal Nouvellon)说:“米其林 Energy XM2+比其上一代连续8年领先大众市场的米其林Energy XM2,拥有多方面改良。它持久耐用,就算已经被使用了很长的一段时间。其‘Stopping Superpower’一直保持在最高水准。诚如其广告宣传活动的标语:‘Stopping Superpower’,确保消费者在路上能够不断地感到安全和充满信心。”

相较于其它优质轮胎,采用全硅复合胶料制成的Energy XM2+,在全新时的湿地刹车距离缩短了1.5米,磨损时则为2.6米。该轮胎的行驶里程也比其它优质轮胎长25%。

努韦隆补充:“轮胎侧壁上的‘+’符号表示米其林Energy XM2+使用升级的复合胶料,使其刹车性能更优于上一代。它保留了上一代产品的绿‘X’标志,意谓省油。我们希望结合了强化安全性与经济实惠的它,能够成功吸引到年轻消费者的注意。” 

全新的米其林Energy XM2+共推出32种尺寸,直径从14寸至16寸。该款轮胎如今已经在全马的Tyreplus和米其林授权代理商公开发售。浏览,以取得更多详情






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