Hankook New 4x4 Tyre - Dynapro AT2 with 3PMSF


Tyre maker Hankook has completed its 2020 off-road range with a new all-terrain tyre for 4x4 vehicles.

New Dynapro AT2 Tyre with All Year Round Performance 

The new Dynapro AT2 comes with a particularly robust design offering 4x4 drivers a balance between off-road traction and good on-road performance. In addition, with the 3PMSF identifier on the sidewall, the latest member of the Dynapro family is ready for use all year round, including winter... 

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韩泰全新四驱车轮胎–印有3PMSF标识符的Dynapro AT2


韩泰轮胎制造商推出全新的全地形四驱车轮胎,使其2020年的越野轮胎系列更为完整。全新的Dynapro AT2拥有结实的设计,为驾驶人提供平衡的越野和良好的道路性能。此外,该轮胎的胎侧印有3PMSF标识符,显示这条全新的Dynapro AT2 全年都适用,包括冬天......


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