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E-Cube Takes to the Road with Even More Technical Developments

E-Cube Technical Developments

TMG Group ensures that there is always an E-Cube configuration available for every type of customer application.

E-Cube – the Versatile and Service Friendly Tyre Service System

Despite the Covid-19 virus pandemic continuing to make normal business procedures difficult, the Netherlands-based Technomarketing Group (TMG Group) are continuing to move forward by introducing their increasingly popular and revolutionary E-Cube mobile tyre fitting unit.

According to the company, this groundbreaking compact piece of equipment is already viewed as a totally essential product for innovative mobile tyre technicians within the European, North American and Asian mobile tyre and automotive accessory market sectors.

With a recently launched new commercial vehicle design and layout for the product, the company has claimed that it has significantly improved the safety and ergonomics aspects of the E-Cube to be fitted in a service van, so that it is more efficient and practical for mobile tyre technicians.  The company has also introduced a new comprehensive brochure to fully explain why E-Cube is so effective and safe for tyre fitting procedures outside of workshop.

Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director of TMG Group says, “We are confident that E-Cube takes professional mobile tyre fitting to the next level in terms of safety and precision. Our ongoing design objective is to ensure that there is always an E-Cube configuration available for every type of customer application. Features that are related to communication, recording, data sharing, solar charging, and many more are being made available to our base model to suit individual working requirements. TMG was able to tailor-make an E-Cube professionally according to the customer’s budget and requirements.”

The E-Cube now also provides a battery and charging/BMS (battery monitoring system) cartridge that simply slides in and out of the frame, which the company has claimed could offer a number of additional advantages in making the E-Cube the most versatile and service friendly tyre service system in the market.

Furthermore, TMG’s team of experienced technicians have also been working on a new technological development which enables the E-Cube to operate as both a semi-automatic and fully automatic tyre changer. This has enabled E-Cube to be easily adapted to any situation that it is required to work in. This innovative retrofit upgrade is expected to become available towards the end of this year.

TMG have recently introduced their very own ‘demonstration vehicle’ which is ‘fitted with the E-Cube. The vehicle is currently being ‘taken on tour’ to selected interested mobile tyre fitment specialists throughout Europe, including Italy and Poland.

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