Sailun Tyre Celebrates 18 Years of Operations and Celebrates with Top 20 Global Position


Having started operations, November 18th in 2002 the Sailun Tyre brand has reason to celebrate, gaining 17th place in the global tyre manufacturer rankings.

With international distribution of their full range of PCR and TBR tyres, covering The Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Oceania, Sailun Tyre have worked hard not just to fulfil orders but to build on their research, manufacturing, technology and development, which has clearly paid as Sailun Tyre’s products are at the forefront of a new generation of smart and high-tech products.

How Sailun Tyre Have Risen in the Ranks

With European tyre sales figures reaching a stable 7 million, Sailun Tyre have matched the growing demand for high quality tyres at reasonable prices, with retailers and consumers alike starting to see the obvious benefits of Sailun. Combined with TÜV certification, fleet testimonials, as well as a very high customer satisfaction index, these are additional factors pulling new customers towards the increasingly-known brand. Sailun Tyre themselves have explained that their strategy for the years ahead will see an intensified approach to key markets including smart products, customer co-operation and brand building marketing activities.

Gareth Passmore, Senior Vice President of PCR and TBR at Sailun Europe said of the special occasion: "Your 18th birthday is a very special milestone in people’s lives. Probably one of the most important aspects is the freedom, independence and mobility thatbeing able to drive a vehicle gives you. In fact, it is a bit like owning your first smart phone. Five years older than the first Apple iPhone Sailun has matured simultaneously to become one of the most important technology leaders in the industry."

"We are developing tyres for the cars people drive today and also for cars they will drive in the future - running on electric energy, hydrogen, synthetic fuels or regular gasoline – so Sailun will offer a smart solution customers and consumers can rely on," he added alluding to the ambitious projects Sailun have become known for.



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