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Michelin X Multi Z2 Truck Tyre Now Available in Malaysia

The three major breakthrough technologies featured in the Michelin X Multi Z2 are: Regenion, Infinicoil and HT Nylon.

Michelin Moves Further into Truck Tyre Market

Michelin has moved further into the truck tyre market with the launch of the Michelin X Multi Z 2 – the latest addition to Michelin’s product range in the East Asia and Australia region.

Packed with the latest revolutionary technologies, this all-position tyre fitment for Regional and Highway operations offers market-leading longevity and improved performance that matters, which are key benefits for fleet operators.

The three major breakthrough technologies featured in the Michelin X Multi Z2 are: Regenion, Infinicoil and HT Nylon. Regenion is Michelin’s technology of differently shaped grooves that ensure minimal tread deformation, which lowers rolling resistance and leads to less fuel consumption. Infinicoil increases the robustness of the tyres. It’s a technology of reinforced tread plies with a continuously wound steel wire of up to 400 metres long, depending on tyre size, inside the casing. The high tensile steel wire increases tyre strength and thus optimises the ground contact patch and delivers high mileage potential. This technology, Michelin said,  provides greater stability throughout the tyre’s lifetime, helps reduce risk of sudden pressure loss for better vehicle control, extends mobility even when punctured, and improves uneven wear as it flattens the contact patch – thus, contributing to longer mileage and less unexpected breakdown incidences.

Meanwhile, HT Nylon strengthens bead endurance that not only helps reduce tyre damage linked to long-distance/high-speed usage and continuous usage by 10 percent based on internal Michelin tests conducted between two Michelin truck tyre products – one with HT Nylon and one without in Ladoux, France on dimensions 11R22.5TL148/145L on nominal conditions. It also increases retreadability.

Michelin Malaysia’s Commercial Director for B2B, Muhammad Arya Subrata said, “Thanks to the three core revolutionary technologies, the Michelin X Multi Z 2 brings to our targeted customers uncompromised safety performance and helps meet their delivery timing and efficiency – thus, leading to increased productivity and improved cost-effectiveness for their businesses.”

The new Michelin X Multi Z2 is now available in dimensions 11R22.5 at Michelin’s authorised truck tyre dealers across the nation.


米其林X Multi Z2 卡车轮胎大马上市


随着东亚和澳大利亚市场新增产品—米其林X Multi Z2 轮胎的发布,米其林进一步迈入卡车市场。 


米其林X Multi Z2的三大突破性技术:Regenion、Infinicoil及HT Nylon。Regenion是米其林各种各样的胎沟技术,确保胎面变形降至最低,进而降低滚动阻力,带来更低的耗油量。Infinicol提高轮胎的坚固性。它是一种按照轮胎尺寸,在胎体里以长达400公尺的缠绕钢丝加强胎面层的技术。高伸展力钢丝会加强轮胎力道,优化接地面,具有提高里程数的潜力。米其林表示,此技术使新轮胎在整个寿命周期间拥有更强的稳定性,协助降低突然失压的风险,带来更佳的车辆操控,即便是在轮胎穿孔时,也有能力延长行驶。此外,它还能通过将接地面变平,改善轮胎不规则磨耗, 提供更长的行驶里程数和降低意外抛锚事件。

与此同时,根据米其林对两款尺寸为11R22.5TL148/145L的米其林卡车轮胎产品—其中一个具HT Nylon,另一款则没有HT Nylon的轮胎在法国拉杜克斯(Ladoux)的一般情况下进行内部测试结果显示,HT Nylon强化胎唇耐磨性,不仅协助降低轮胎因长途/高速使用所造成的损坏,还可延长其使用寿命10%。它也提高了轮胎的翻新性。

马来西亚米其林B2B商业总监默哈末阿亚(Muhammad Arya Subrata)说;“米其林X Multi Z2 轮胎,凭借着这三大核心革新技术,为我们的目标客户创造毫不妥协的安全性能,协助客户准时送货和提高效率,提升他们的生产力和业务成本效益。”

尺寸为11R22.5的全新米其林X Multi Z2 轮胎,如今在全马米其林授权卡车代理公开发售。






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