Lassa Tyres to Open More Concept Stores

PTS Marketing & Lassa Tyres

Lassa Tyres will be adding more concept stores in the local market despite economic downturn.

Lassa Tyres Believes Concept Stores have Room to Play

PTS Marketing Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Lassa Tyres in Malaysia, revealed its plan to add more Lassa Tyres concept stores in the local market despite the economic downturn due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Currently, we have 7 Lassa concept stores in Malaysia, including 4 in Selangor and 1 in Kuala Lumpur, namely Sumec Tyre S Kembangan Sdn Bhd, JS Auto Services, Sumec Tye Premium Center Sdn Bhd, Teoh Brothers (Kemuning) Sdn Bhd and SKG Tyre Autocare (KL) Sdn Bhd. We also have two in Johor, CH One Stop Enterprise Sdn Bhd in Pontian, and J Tyres & Automotive Sdn Bhd in Muar,” said Marketing Manager Vicren Lee.

With an ever-increasing number of online sales, many tyre players have to rethink their business strategies. However, Lee believes that concept stores still have room to play......

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Lassa 轮胎拟开设更多概念店



“目前,我们在大马拥有7家概念店,包括雪兰莪4家和吉隆坡1家,也就是Sumec Tyre S Kembangan私人有限公司、JS汽车服务、Sumec Tyre Premium Center 、Teoh Brothers (Kemuning)私人有限公司和SKG Tyre Autocare(KL)私人有限公司。另外,我们在柔佛也有两家概念店,位于Pontian的CH One Stop Enterprise私人有限公司和麻坡的J Tyres & Automotive私人有限公司。”行销经理李威仁表示。




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