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Goodyear Malaysia Announces Zero Contact for All Goodyear Autocare Centres

All Goodyear Autocare Centres in Malaysia have rolled out standard operating procedures advised by the National Security Council.

Goodyear Autocare Centre Roll Out Zero Contact SOP

In order to ensure a safe environment for its consumers and staff as businesses resume amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Goodyear Malaysia announces its Zero Contact Initiative (Zero Contact), whereby customers can get new tyres fitted at any participating Goodyear Autocare centre without any direct person-to-person contact throughout the entire process. 

Alex Ng, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia said: “The assurance of Goodyear’s Zero Contact process, from the moment you drop-off your vehicle, and up until you collect it, is that there will be zero direct physical contact between staff and customers to minimise risk of any potential spread. We decided to extend this programme in Malaysia, off the back of the success it had in the United StatesAustralia and other ASEAN countries. We hope that through this programme, we continue to assure Goodyear’s loyal customers that we have taken all the necessary precautions for their personal safety and at the same time, remain committed to ensuring the safety of their tyres”, Ng added.

Customers will have to first arrange for an appointment with their preferred Autocare centre for services. This can be done via phone call or WhatsApp through Goodyear Malaysia’s website. To make an appointment, visit on mobile and use the map to select the closest desired location. Once located, simply click on the WhatsApp icon to make an appointment with your selected Goodyear Autocare centre

At the stores, there will be specially-designated Zero Contact parking areas for customers to park their cars, as well as a drop box for them to place their car keys. The Autocare centre staff will then proceed to collect the car and fit new tyres. 

Before returning the car to the owner, a 12-point vehicle safety check will be done for each car, followed by the disinfection of 12 major touch points. These are complimentary services provided by Goodyear Malaysia for their customers to ensure that their cars are safe to be driven once again, especially for those who have left their cars untouched for a long time due to the Movement Control Order. 

When the customer collects his or her car at the Zero Contact parking area, they will receive a checklist which is placed in their car. This is proof of the thorough clean-up done by the staff, as well as to notify them of any possible issue that the staff might have found whilst checking their car, making it easy for them to rectify as quickly as possible. 

Other precautionary measures will also be enforced at all Goodyear Autocare centres. For instance, staff are required to sanitise and disinfect all public areas, facilities, as well as any tools and equipment three times daily. The seats will be marked down for alternative seating, while standing markers will also be placed on the floor to ensure customers are standing one metre away from others when in queue. Customers are advised to pay their service fees via contactless payment options such as e-wallet, online banking or paywave. 

As Goodyear Malaysia kick starts this brand-new initiative, free gifts (subject to stock and availability) will be up for grabs at any Goodyear Autocare centre during the Zero Contact service period.


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