PTS Marketing Brings in Lassa Tyres

PTS Marketing Brings in Lassa Tyres
PTS Marketing & Lassa Tyres

Lassa tyres are made by Brisa in a modern facility in Kentsa, Turkey, which has a dedicated research and development centre.

Lassa Tyres Never Comprise on Quality

PTS Marketing Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Lassa tyres in Malaysia, brought the brand into the local market in 2014. 

The company behind Lassa brand, said PTS Marketing, is Brisa, a joint venture between the Sabancı Group of Turkey and the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan, which was established in 1988. Today, Brisa has become one of Europe’s largest tyre producers with one of the world’s largest tyre factories. 

Lassa has a complete range of tyres to meet various applications and market needs. Amongst the many popular Lassa tyre patterns that have received encouraging response from the market are Driveways, Driveways Sports and Greenways passenger tyres, Impetus Revo comfort tyre, Competus A/T 2 and Competus H/P for 4x4 vehicles and Tranway 2 Light commercial Vehicle tyres and Maxiways tyres for truck, van and minibus. 

Lassa Driveways and Lassa Impetus Revo are high performance comfort tyres that have been developed for a considerably wide vehicle pool, ranging from middle class sedans to upper class comfort automobiles. Driveways features new designs that offer improved dry handling performance and wear life. Its improved tread compound provides shorter brake distances, lower rolling resistance and better fuel efficiency. The new carcass shape of Driveways ensures consistent surface contact, regular wear optimisation and longer wear life, whereas Impetus Revo offers superior quality, quiet and driving comfort and absolute vehicle control even on wet surfaces with good balance and improved road handling. 

Compact, medium, luxury and sports car enthusiasts who enjoy sporty driving, PTS Marketing said, would choose Lassa Driverways Sport for its safety and control, as well as its good handling in all weather conditions. With a narrower rib design that reduces heat, the tyre improves rolling resistance thanks to its new lighter weight tyre construction that include a new carcass structure, low bead filler volume and reduced sidewall gauge thickness. 

Lassa Greenways, just as its name describes, is an eco-friendly passenger car tyre that the company created to deliver maximum driving pleasure with low rolling resistance. The lower the rolling resistance, the less energy it takes to move the car along the road, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The tyre is durable, also and offers longer tread wear life. 

Also available are Lassa Competus A/T 2 and Competus H/P tyres for pickups and 4x4 SUVs. The Competus A/T 2 delivers outstanding balance between on-road and off-road. Its aggressive tread pattern enhances the traction of the tyre on off-road surfaces. Compared to its predecessor, the Competus A/T 2 delivers improved wet performance and lower rolling resistance.  The Competus H/P, meanwhile, is a high-performance tyre targeted at premium SUVs with sporty design. The silica content of this tyre has enhanced its wet performance. 

Meanwhile, the Lassa Transway 2 is a light commercial tyre developed specially for the new generation of light commercial vehicles. Offering safety with fuel efficiency, the tyre is characterised by improved wet and dry performance, as well lower rolling resistance. 

Last but not least are Lassa Maxiways 100S and Maxiways 110D. The former is suitable for the front axles of trucks, vans, and minibuses, as well as for drive axles of buses and minibuses, while the latter is designed for the drive axles of trucks, vans, buses and minibuses. 

The Maxiways 100S is very durable with 13 per cent longer life, thanks to its renewed tread compound. The tyre’s reinforced carcass structure helps to prevent irregular wear. Fuel consumption is also lower thanks to the tyre’s low rolling resistance. Similar to Maxiways 100S, Maxiways 110D also has longer usage life due to its renewed tread compound. Traction is enhanced and the risk of aquaplanning is reduced with its newly modified pattern. 

Quality Without Compromise 

Lassa tyres are made by Brisa in a modern facility in Kentsa, Turkey, which has a dedicated research and development centre. Brisa adheres to rigorous standards of quality control through its widely recognised quality system, which incorporates ISO 9000:2001 Quality Management Standards, ISO/TS 16949: 2002 Automotive Industry Quality Management Systems Technical Specification, as well as ISO 14001: Environmental Management Standards. In addition, Brisa’s accreditations include the 1993 National Quality Award and 1996 European Quality Award. 

Apart from being a leading brand in Turkey, Lassa tyres are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide through more than 6,000 sales points, and its sales network continues to grow. 

With more than 20 years of experience in distributing tyres, wheels and lubricants, PTS Marketing’s mission is to provide quality products and superior service to their customers.

They believe that quality products make an important contribution to customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. The outstanding quality of Lassa tyres is in line with the company’s mission. 

At present, PTS Marketing has more than 300 dealers in Malaysia with three warehouses located in Selangor, Johor Bahru and Singapore. Its expertise in supply chain management and commitment to continuous improvement has set them apart from the others.


PTS 行销引进Lassa轮胎



据PTS行销指出,Lassa品牌背后是土耳其Sabancı 集团和日本普利斯通公司于1988年所成立的合资企业—Brisa。 今天,Brisa已经成为全世界拥有最大轮胎制造厂之一的欧洲最大轮胎制造商。

Lassa的轮胎系列相当完整,能够迎合各种应用和市场需求。这包括了在市场上获得不俗反应的Driveways、Driveways Sports和Greenways轿车胎、Impetus Revo舒适型轮胎、Competus A/T 2 和Competus H/P四驱车轮胎、Tranway 2 轻卡商用胎和适合卡车、货车及迷你巴士应用的Maxiways轮胎。

Lassa Driveways和Impetus Revo都是高性能舒适型轮胎,适合从中级房车到高级舒适型汽车的广泛车型使用。Driveways的全新胎纹改善操控和磨耗。它全新改良的复合胶料提供更短的制动距离、较低的滚动阻力和更好的燃油效益。其全新的胎体形状,确保一致性的接地面,优化一般磨耗,使它更耐磨。Impetus Revo则拥有卓越的品质,可提供安静和舒适的驾驶,即使是潮湿地面也拥有绝对操控,具有良好的平衡和操控。

PTS行销表示,喜欢运动型驾驶的中小型汽车、豪华车及跑车爱好者, 必然会因为Lassa Driveways Sport在各种气候下都能展现的安全和操控性能而选择它。  它较狭窄的肋纹设计可降低热度,轻量化轮胎结构包括胎体、数量较低的胎缘填充芯及降低胎侧的厚度,改善滚动阻力。

Lassa Greenways就如其名称所显示,是一条具有低滚动阻力,可提供最高的驾驶乐趣的环保轮胎。轮胎滚动阻力越低,推动车子所需要的能量也相对减低,进而减少油耗量和二氧化碳排放。这款轮胎不但耐磨,使用寿命也较长。

此外,还有适合皮卡、四驱车及休旅车(SUV)的Lassa Competus A/T2 和Competus H/P轮胎。Competus A/T2 提供卓越的公路和越野平衡。其粗犷的花纹强化轮胎越野牵引力。与其上一代相比,Competus A/T2滚动阻力低,具有改良的湿地性能 。与此同时, Competus H/P是一条高性能运动型轮胎,目标客户是高级SUV驾驶人。其胶料中的硅含量,强化湿地性能。

Lassa Treadways2 则是一条特别为新一代轻卡所设计的轻卡商用轮胎。既安全又省油的它,还拥有改善的湿地和干地性能,以及较低的滚动阻力。

最后是Lassa Maxiways 100S 和Maxiways 110D。前者是一条前轮轴轮胎,适合卡车、货车及迷你巴士,还有巴士和迷你巴士驱动轴使用。后者则是一条卡车、货车、巴士及迷你巴士驱动轴轮胎。

Maxiways 100S很耐磨,采用新复合胶料制成的它,使用寿命提高了13%。该款轮胎的新胎体结构协助避免不规则磨耗。其较低的滚动阻力也降低了油耗量。与Maxisways 100S一样,Maxisways 100D也因为采用新复合胶料而拥有较长的使用寿命。其改善的花纹强化牵引力,降低轮胎打滑风险。


Brisa在土耳其Kentsa一家拥有研发中心的现代化工厂生产 Lassa轮胎。Brisa以其广受认可的品质系统,包括ISO 9000:2001品质管理标准、ISO/TS 16949:2002 驱车行业品质管理系统技术规格,以及ISO14001 :环境管理标准秉持着严格的品质标准。Brisa所获得的认可还包括1993年国家品质奖和1996年的欧洲品质奖。











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