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i-Workshop (Shah Alam) Invests in Launch Automotive Servicing Technology

i-Workshop Automotive Servicing

Taking the centre in the i-Workshop (Shah Alam) is the X931 wheel aligner from Launch Tech Co., Ltd. 

i-Workshop Praises Launch X931 Wheel Aligner for its Efficiency

Located at Lot 20662, Jalan Sungai Rasau, Seksyen 16, Shah Alam, Selangor, the first i-Workshop (Shah Alam) is a modern and spacious automotive workshop, well-equipped with the latest state-of-the-art automotive servicing equipment.

Taking the centre is the X931 wheel aligner from Launch Tech Co., Ltd, which the company claims is the first innovative non-contact four-wheel aligner in China.

Muhammad Eezam Masripan, Chief Executive Officer, Techniker Expert Sdn Bhd, who is one of the owners of i-Workshop (Shah Alam) said, “We are happy that we have made the right choice. Compared to the traditional 3D wheel aligner that requires attaching and removing clamps, targets and wheel caps, as well as vehicle pushing compensation, this is very user-friendly and efficient. All the operator needs to do is drive and park the car on the specially customise hydraulic 4-post lift with built-in wheel aligner parts and elements. It is safe, with no damage to the vehicle’s rim or tyre as there is no need to install any additional measurement elements on the tyre or rim…….”

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i- Workshop (沙亚南)投资于元征汽车服务技术

位于沙亚南Lot 20662,Sungai Rasau路,Seksyen 16 的首家i-Workshop(沙亚南)是一家现代化,宽敞的汽车修车厂,拥有尖端和完善的汽车服务设备。


Techniker Expert私人有限公司首席执行员兼i-Workshop(沙亚南)业主莫哈末依赞(Muhammad Eezam Masripan)表示:“我们很开心,因为我们做了正确的选择。与过去传统,需要装卸夹具、标靶和轮辋罩,以及进行推车补偿的3D四轮定位仪相比,它的效率高,而且使用起来非常简单。操作员要做的只是将车子开上特别量身打造,配备四轮定位仪零部件及元素的液压4柱举升机后,将车子停好就可进行定位。它安全,不会对汽车轮辋或轮胎造成损伤,因为无需在轮胎或轮辋上安装任何额外的测量部件…..。”


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