Sailun Tyre Reveal Sponsorship of Olympic Windsurfing-Champion Kiran Badloe

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With another successful Summer Olympic Games tournament wrapping up, Sailun Tyre has released full details of their sponsorship and support of Olympic gold medallist, Kiran Badloe, who scored first place in the Windsurfing category on 1st August.

How Kiran Badloe Became a Gold Medallist

On the 1st August, three-time windsurfing World Champion, Kiran Badloe scored gold in Toyko for windsurfing. Badloe has been supported by Sailun in the form of sponsorship, with Badloe saying before the major event, “Thanks to this sponsor I can fully focus on the Tokyo Games. During the run-up to the tournament, I am financially supported by Sailun. That gives me the peace and space I need to prepare myself optimally for Tokyo.”

The 26-year old Dutchman took up windsurfing when he and his family moved to Bonaire (a Dutch island in the Caribbean) when he was 7 years old. When he was 9 years old, Badloe entered his first Regatta. Returning to Almere in 2004, Badloe continued pursuing his passion for windsurfing, meticulously training and improving his technique within the sport.

All his efforts came to fruition when he earned gold medals at the 2019 RS:X World Championships and 2020 RS:X World Championships. In October 2020, he competed at the iQFoil International Games held at Campione, Lake Garda, before scoring gold in a comprehensive performance at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Why Windsurfing is a Natural Fit for Sailun Tyres and How They Helped Kiran Badloe Gain Gold 

Sailun’s sponsorship of Kiran and windsurfing dovetails synergistically into the company’s smart approach to tyre manufacturing – both embrace the key attributes of research, use of technology, preparation, development, and performance.

The sponsorship of Kiran Badloe is a long-term strategic initiative for Sailun and represents a fundamental shift towards the correct repositioning of the Sailun brand. It reflects several core principles and aligns beautifully with the key focuses of performance, technology, and smart objectives. The partnership was fittingly sealed at sea, off the coast of Scheveningen, with Managing Director of TTI Tire Trading – the local Benelux distributor of Sailun, Peter-Alexander Van ‘t Hof posing for photos with the Olympian.

Sailun Catches Olympic Fever

Sailun Tyres is also catching Olympic fever, having produced several social media fitness videos. The videos were published on Instagram in July with the hashtag - #FitwithKiran and consisted of four separate beach-based physical challenges which Kiran undertook. which were push-ups, squats, sit-ups and mountain climbers.

Sailun Tyres will also unveil some additional elements of the sponsorship journey over the forthcoming months, but for now, will be celebrating with Badloe a stellar show at the Olympic Games.

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