Goodyear Intelligent Sensors and Prototype Tyres to Fuel SARTA Hydrogen-Powered Buses


Goodyear intelligent sensors and prototype tyres will fuel energy savings for SARTA hydrogen-powered buses.

Goodyear Helps SARTA Lower Operational Costs

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), two Northeast Ohio-based leaders in future mobility, have announced a collaboration to test intelligent tyre sensors and prototype tyres on SARTA’s fleet of diesel and zero emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered (HFC) buses.

The intelligent tyres leverage Goodyear’s TPMS Plus on-vehicle sensors to send real-time data on tyre conditions to the Goodyear SightLine mobility cloud. Using customisable algorithms, the data is quickly analysed to deliver actionable insights on tire performance and potential vehicle issues so operators can seek proactive maintenance. The tests will help Goodyear evaluate the performance of TPMS Plus powered by Goodyear SightLine on HFC buses in daily public transit service, while also helping SARTA lower their operational costs, reduce fleet downtime and increase environmental benefits.

Additionally, Goodyear is testing a prototype tyre on SARTA’s diesel and HFC buses to measure tread wear, rolling resistance and tyre life. The data from these tests will help inform Goodyear’s future tyre designs for electric vehicles.

Goodyear’s scientists and engineers continuously look for opportunities to experiment with new technology so we can stretch our thinking and advance our capabilities for the tyres of tomorrow,” said Johnny McIntosh, Goodyear Director, Integrated Solutions and Tire Management. “This work with SARTA will give us valuable data on ways tyres can impact the safety, sustainability and efficiency of public transportation.”

Both tests are taking place on 10 SARTA vehicles in daily revenue service, including five diesel and five HFC buses. Preliminary tests already show the potential for TPMS Plus powered by Goodyear SightLine to help reduce roadside bus breakdowns and improve fuel efficiency.

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