Pirelli Supplies Intelligent Tyres Equipped with Sensors


Pirelli now equips as standard a tyre with sensors that can talk to a car for the first time.

Pirelli's Cyber Tyre System

This world premiere when it comes to original equipment is thanks to Pirelli’s Cyber Tyre system, made up of a sensor in each tyre that gathers vital data for safe driving, linked to software integrated into the car’s onboard computer. The car in question is the McLaren Artura complete with sensor-equipped tyres: a hybrid supercar packed with technology for an even safer and more involved driving experience. Cyber Tyre technology offers a plethora of information to the car and driver: the tyre’s ‘passport’ – the type of tyre, whether it’s a winter or summer version, prescribed pressure, load index and speed rating – as well as current running information, such as temperature and pressure.

Temperature and pressure, constantly monitored and transmitted in real time – is vital when it comes to safety. The information is also delivered, with greater precision compared to traditional sensors on the valve. The information is also delivered, with greater precision compared to traditional sensors on the valve, as the Pirelli transmitting sensors are in direct contact with the actual tyres rather than the wheel rims. The data supplied from the sensors is processed by software created by Pirelli that is integrated into the car’s electronics.

Pirelli’s Cyber Tyre system can alert a driver that they need to check tyre pressures in order to continue driving safely. Some of the functions has been specifically selected for use on a race as it allows the driver to adapt tyre pressures to obtain better performance on track based on their individual driving style. The Pirelli Cyber Tyre system represents what the company refers to as "the future of tyres", in that it is capable of giving cars a sense of touch by allowing them to identify or predict potentially hazardous situations such as loss of grip and aquaplaning, which means that the cars electronics can promptly intervene.

Pirelli’s engineers have developed bespoke P Zero tyres for the McLaren Artura in 235/35Z R19 size at the front and 295/35 R20 size at the back together with McLaren’s own engineers. The tyres have an asymmetric tread pattern, which gives excellent braking performance to guarantee control of the car under all conditions.

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