Lim Tayar Sets to Expand Presence and Services Nationwide

CKL Group

Leading automotive services group, the CKL Group is set to forge a stronger presence nationwide through its newly launched Lim Tayar Family initiative.

LFT Offers More Strategic Partnerships 

Through this new incentive, more strategic partnerships and new services are in the offing, such as its licensing programme and complimentary vehicle inspection and certification for the used car market. 

Under its Lim Tayar Family (LTF) programme, tyre retailers and workshop owners will be able to leverage the strength and support of the Lim Tayar brand name to enhance their services and competitiveness. The programme, apart from helping the new partners in training, manpower and marketing will also herald the expansion of Lim Tayar’s services to other parts of the country. Currently, Lim Tayar has 19 outlets in the Klang Valley and Seremban. 

At the same time, the group is also offering complimentary vehicle inspection and certification services for the sale of used vehicles through its partnerships with industry leaders forged over the last few months....  

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Lim Tayar计划拓展全国服务及业务


领先汽车维修集团——CKL集团将透过其新推出的Lim Tayar Family (LTF)倡议,在全国建立更强大的业务。该集团将通过这个新倡议迎来更多的策略性伙伴和更多的新服务项目,例如其许可计划、二手车市场的免费车辆检验和认证。 

在这项LTF计划下,轮胎零售业者与维修中心业主将可借着Lim Tayar的品牌实力,提升他们的服务与竞争力。该计划除了能够在培训、人力及营销方面帮助新合作伙伴外,也预示着Lim Tayar将拓展服务业务至国内其他地区。目前,Lim Tayar在巴生谷和芙蓉一带拥有19家分店。 



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