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Instant Scaffolds & Machinery Introduces Xinlei All-In-One Screw Compressor

Instant Scaffolds Machinery Xinlei

Instant Scaffolds & Machinery Sdn Bhd (ISM), has brought the Xinlei All-In-One Screw Compressor into Malaysia to offer the industry another option. 

ISM Becomes Xinlei’s Sole Distributor in Malaysia

Compressed air is widely used in the automotive industry, not only in the entire production and assembly chain of a car but also in any repair and maintenance operation. To provide the local automotive workshop another option, Instant Scaffolds & Machinery Sdn Bhd (ISM), has brought the Xinlei All-In-One Screw Compressor into Malaysia.

“Founded in 1996 at Zhenjiang, China, Xinlei Compressor Co., Ltd is a world-class air compressor manufacturer specialising in Research and Development, manufacturing, sales and service of air compressors. ISM has been appointed by Xinlei as their sole distributor in Malaysia in 2018,” said Business Development Manager Loh Jian Wei.

To further expand the brand’s footprint in the country, he said, Xin Lei Sdn Bhd was established in 2019. “Our business expanded because of the superior value proposition, reliability and high-efficiency screw compressors. We have begun to gain inroads into the various industries which include the steel, plastic, automotive, aeronautical, glove making, and many more. With the support from some major automotive companies, we have been successful in the marketing of the Xinlei All-In-One compressor series to the automotive workshops…..”

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Instant Scaffolds & Machinery引进鑫磊多合一螺杆式空压机

空压机被广泛地使用于汽车行业,不仅在整个生产和组装链中,还包括任何修理与保养操作。Instant Scaffolds & Machinery 私人有限公司 (ISM) 为了提供本地汽车修车厂另一个选择,将鑫磊多合一螺杆式空压机引进马来西亚。




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