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Hankook Named Manufacturer of the Year 2021

Hankook has been named best manufacturer for its all-season line of tyres by Auto Bild, Europe’s leading automotive magazine. 

Top Manufacturer All-Season 2021

Hankook is named “Manufacturer of the Year 2021” in the Auto Bild Group’s All-Season test category, once again proving the high performance of its all-season tyres. The Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 all-season model range made it to the podium in each of the relevant product tests conducted by Europe’s widest-ranging automotive media. One of the main factors responsible for the success was the very high safety margins across all weather conditions in the tests.

The editors’ decision is based on the results of previous tests conducted by Auto Bild and its partner magazines in 2021. The Kinergy 4S 2 X, which achieved first place in the big SUV all-season tyre test in Auto Bild Allrad, and the Kinergy 4S 2, which came third in the super all-season tyre test for passenger cars, both contributed towards the overall ranking for this year’s award. As an all-weather SUV tyre, the Kinergy 4S 2 is a true all-rounder, combining specific summer and winter tyre characteristics together, without the temperature-related drops in performance. At the same time, it offers high reliability in wet, dry and snowy conditions. The editors of the German car magazine Auto Bild Allrad have named the Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 X as this year’s winner of their all-season tyre test.

It goes without saying that the passenger car version of the Kinergy 4S 2 also offers a high degree of reliability in wet, dry and snowy conditions, which is made possible by the directional tread. The V-shaped interlocking tread blocks always ensure excellent driving stability. They are complemented by extra-wide, two-stage main drainage grooves, which optimally drain water to the sides even in heavy rain. This allows the drainage system to prevent aquaplaning. Furthermore, it can also effectively drain slush from the tread. These properties are supported by the tread compound, which is made of a highly enriched silica-polymer composite. One of the reasons this material offers such good grip during wet conditions is its high content of natural oils and resins.

“We have been offering our customers innovative high-performance, all-season tyres for over 20 years, making us one of the main pioneers in this product category. That is why I’m delighted that we have received the Manufacturer of the Year award from the Auto Bild magazine. The independent test results show that our Kinergy 4S family are true all-rounders that our customers can rely on,” says Sanghoon Lee, President of Hankook Tire Europe.


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