Linglong Achieves New Breakthrough in Global Original Equipment Market


In September 2021, Guangxi Linglong Tire, in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China shipped the first batch of Linglong tyres designed for Guangqi Honda.

Linglong OE on Guangqi Honda Crider 

The tyres were successfully fitted at the Guangqi Honda plant, which now marks the start of the original equipment (OE) tyre supply to Guangqi Honda Crider.

Since the launch of the Crider project in December 2018, Linglong Tire has been  devoted to the tyre development of the project. Through the joint efforts of Guangqi Honda and Linglong Tire, Linglong has met Honda's strict production process control requirements and quality control standards, successfully passing Honda's on-site review and evaluation on production, technology and quality.

In terms of product performance, through the close collaboration of Linglong’s team and Research & Development (R&D) optimisation, the new tyre has the characteristics of low rolling resistance and low noise, while achieving a perfect matching to the vehicle suspension system. This could exert the best possible advantages of the product, and bring users a more comfortable product experience.

On the morning of July 9, 2021, a team consisting of leading experts from Guangqi Honda conducted a review of the Declaration of Quality and Safety Mass Production. On behalf of the company, Guangxi Linglong Tire Deputy General Manager Yang Ke Feng  announced the Declaration of Quality and Safety Mass Production of this project, and held a quality and safety signing ceremony with the leaders of Guangqi Honda, which marked the key moment in which Guangqi Honda recognised the product quality of Linglong tyres, which have now reached the level of mass production.

Linglong’s success in becoming the OE fitment of Guangqi Honda Crider is another milestone breakthrough for Linglong Tire in its global OE market. Linglong Tire always regards the OE business as one of the company’s core sectors. Through continuous Research & Development investment and quality improvement, the company continues to meet customer demand for high-quality, high-performance, and environmentally-friendly tyre products. Linglong tyres have been widely recognised by its customers allowing the company to globally compete as a premium tyre manufacturer in the future.

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