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European Engineered GitiSportS2 and GitiSynergyH2  Tyres Set to Raise Malaysian Customer Experience Bar

Giti Tire Malaysia has recently expanded its product offerings by adding the new GitiSportS2 and GitiSynergyH2  tyres to its extensive portfolio.

Two New Giti Tyres for Demanding Drivers 

The arrival of these two new Giti tyres, developed with engineering technology from Germany timely cater to the growing population of demanding drivers in the local market.

“The GitiSportS2 and GitiSynergyH2 tyres were designed and engineered at Hanover, Germany by an enthusiastic European team from Giti Research and Development with more than 250 years of combined experience in tyre design.  The automotive industry in Malaysia is mature and well-developed, so these new products are a perfect match for our unique road conditions and for our customers who are passionate about driving and, therefore demand exceptional tyres for tyre performance and quality,” said Country Manager Matthew Wai…. 

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马来西亚佳通轮胎近日在其广泛的产品组合中,添加了全新的 GitiSportS2 和GitiSynergyH2轮胎来扩大其产品范围。这两款采用德国工程技术开发的新佳通轮胎的到来,及时满足了本地市场不断增长,要求苛刻的驾驶人需求。

区域经理魏铭晖表示:“GitiSportS2和GitiSynergyH2轮胎由德国汉诺威佳通研发中心的欧洲团队所设计。该团队在轮胎设计方面拥有 250 多年的综合经验。马来西亚拥有成熟且发展良好的汽车工业,这些新产品非常适合我们独特的路况和热爱驾驶,需要卓越轮胎性能和质量的驾驶人…..”


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