Goodyear Launches Assurance MaxGuard SUV

Goodyear Malaysia

The new Goodyear Assurance MaxGuard SUV has been customised for the Asia Pacific market. 

Goodyear Assurance MaxGuard SUV Offers Enhanced Grip and Durability 

Goodyear Malaysia has announced the launch of the Assurance MaxGuard SUV, a new member of Goodyear’s Assurance Family which focuses of the key performance parameters of grip and durability, and which has been customised for the Asia Pacific market. 

Featuring Goodyear's advanced ActiveGrip Technology, the new Assurance MaxGuard SUV offers a tight grip for superior handling and shorter braking distance on wet roads, due to the increased number of multi-biting edges and optimised distribution, as well as the tyre’s ActiveGrip cap compound with blended silica. 

Meanwhile, Goodyear’s DuraGuard Technology is utilised to build a robust tyre carcass to withstand cuts and punctures, while enhancing performance durability with a 2-ply construction and a strong steel belt package..... 

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固特异推出 Assurance MaxGuard SUV轮胎系列


大马固特异推出新产品—— Assurance MaxGuard SUV,固特异 Assurance Family 轮胎系列的新成员。 Assurance MaxGuard SUV轮胎专为亚太市场而定制,并拥有卓越的抓地力和耐用性两大特点。

凭借固特异先进的ActiveGrip技术,全新的Assurance MaxGuard SUV 轮胎提供出色抓地力,带来卓越的路面操控,以及更短的潮湿路面刹车距离。而这一切则要归功于其增加的大量咬边和优化分布的细纹,以及混合了二氧化硅的ActiveGrip 胎冠复合物胶料。



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