Rema Tip Top Academy Offers Virtual Training on Tyre Repair

Rema Tip Top Academy

Rema Tip Top Academy continues on its digitalisation course and now uses data glasses in online training courses.

Rema Tip Top Uses Data Glasses in Its Online Training 

After a break due to the pandemic, the Rema Tip Top Academy resumed training operations for users of Rema Tip Top repair systems in March 2022. In the course of this, the classroom training program was expanded by webinars. The company is now taking a decisive step towards virtualisation with a smart software solution and state-of-the-art video technology..

"The demand for professional remote training in tyre repair is growing," says Michel Seguin, Senior Technical Advisor at Rema Tip Top Academy. "That's why we decided to offer online training in the form of webinars, as well as a more interactive way to teach the practical use of Rema Tip Top products for tyre repair."

Using innovative data glasses worn by the training staff, the repair of car, truck, AS and EM/ OTR tyres is streamed live to the screens of the training participants. The benefit: the participants see exactly what the trainers see on site through the data glasses, providing them with an excellent view of what is happening.

Video broadcasting via data glasses is supplemented by video cameras in the modern equipped premises of the Rema Tip Top Academy. These cameras allow the tyre repair to be transmitted from different perspectives. On-screen participants thus receive the same vivid training experience as the participants on site.

The use of video technology also enables hybrid training, where part of the participants follow the training on-site and part remotely.


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