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BFGoodrich Trail-Terrain T/A Tyres Now Available in Malaysia

BFGoodrich recently launched the Trail-Terrain T/A, a new ‘on-road plus’ tyre with on-road performance and light off-pavement capability.

BFGoodrich Responds to Post-Covid Adventure Mindset  

As its slogan ‘Lives on the road, loves to get away’ suggests, the new BFGoodrich Trail-Terrain T/A is built to last, equipped for every season and engineered to explore in all weather and road conditions. 

Michelin Malaysia Managing Director Oliver Biggart said: “The Trail-Terrain T/A responds to the post-Covid adventure mindset and growing DIY trends that target drivers of All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) crossover utility vehicles (CUVs), sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks. These are adventure-ready vehicles offering versatility for hobbies, carrying gear and outdoor recreational activities – perfect for the next exploration ahead.” 

Covered by a 6-year manufacturer warranty, the Trail Terrain T/A features 3 ‘outstanding advantage’. With its full-depth 3-D locking sipes, Michelin says the new tyre provides excellent tread block stability for even wear, resulting in a longer tread life as well as quiet and comfortable ride…..

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百路驰Trail-Terrain T/A 大马上市


百路驰(BFGoodrich) 最近推出了 Trail-Terrain T/A,一款具有公路性能和轻型越野能力的新型“on-rod plus”轮胎。

诚如其品牌标语“Lives on the road, loves to get away”所言,全新百路驰Trail-Terrain T/A经久耐用,适合每个季节使用,可在任何气候下探索各种路况。

马来西亚米其林董事经理比格特(Oliver Biggart)说:“百路驰 Trail-Terrain T/A主要是为了回应后新冠疫情驾驶人的冒险心态需求,还有全轮驱动(AWD)丶跨界休旅车(CUV)丶运动休旅车(SUV)及轻型卡车车主日益增长的DIY趋势。这些为冒险而准备的车辆拥有多项功能,适用于各种兴趣、户外休闲活动和携带装备 - 非常适合冒险探索。”

享有 6 年制造商保修的Trail Terrain T/A轮胎,拥有 3 大优势。全深度的 3-D锁定刀槽花纹,米其林表示,使该新轮胎的花纹块提供出色的稳定性,均匀的磨耗,并带来安静舒适的乘坐体验和更长的轮胎使用寿命…..


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