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Corida Brings in New Corghi Tyre Changer and Wheel Aligners

Corida Corghi Tyre Wheel Aligners

Corida Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Corghi products in Malaysia, recently brought in a new tyre changer and two wheel aligners.

Corghi Marster Force Tyre Changer with Automatic Contactless Smart System

According to the Joint Managing Director Alex Chan, the Artiglio Master Force is the new Corghi hydraulic tyre changer with contactless system. He described the Master Force tyre changer as the perfect equipment for professionals who wished to invest in their future and any tyre service operators who would rather not compromise on quality and performance, but to provide top service and brand image.

“With the new Master Force, Corghi now provides a new tyre changer to enhance the use of its contactless technology. Equipped with a hydraulic drive that provides force and speed for bead breaking and turntable movement, it is suitable for rim ranging from 13-inch up to 32-inch, maximum wheel diameter of 1200mm (47-inch) and maximum wheel width of 406.4mm (16-inch). Once again, we stand out as being the only one to protect the rims without touching it ever and reduce the overall dimensions of the tyre changer to ensure that it could be easily positioned anywhere,” he said.

Compared with a traditional tyre changer, the Master Force was just slightly wider. Thanks to an innovative design, he said it required less than 1.4m space and a working area of less than 3m²…..

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据联席董事经理曾尔略表示,Artiglio Master Force是带有非接触式系统的新型科吉液压拆胎机。他将Master Force拆胎装机描述为完美设备,特别是对那些想要投资未来的轮胎专家和任何不愿在质量和性能上妥协,更着重于提供一流服务和品牌形象的轮胎服务运用商。

他说:“科吉如今凭借着全新的Master Force来加强其非接触式技术的使用。这款液压驱动的拆胎机,为压胎和转盘提供力和速度,适用于从13寸至32寸的轮辋,最大轮径为1200毫米(47 寸),最大轮宽为406.4 毫米(16 寸)。我们再一次脱颖而出,成为唯一一家在完全无接触轮辋的情况下保护轮辋,并减少拆胎机整机体积,以确保可以轻松地将它放置在公司的任何地方。”

与传统的拆胎机相比,Master Force只是稍微宽了一点。他说,它的创新设计,占地不到1.4米,工作区域也不到3平方米……


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