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ASCENSO BLB 730 Boom Tyre


Specifically designed for boom lift vehicles, this construction tyre from ASCENSO offers a range of features that cater to the unique requirements of aerial lifting equipment

ASCENSO Introduces the BLB 730 Boom Lift Tyre

One of the key aspects of the BLB 730 tyre is its strong casing, engineered to withstand high loads and provide enhanced stability. This is particularly crucial for aerial lift work platforms that often carry heavy loads at height. The robust lug design with a longer shoulder ensures excellent traction, minimising the risk of slipping and enhancing overall stability during operation.

ASCENSO has incorporated a special rubber compound into the production of the BLB 730 tyre. This compound not only contributes to the tyre’s durability but also extends its tread life. By using this tyre, operators can benefit from reduced downtime, leading to increased productivity and efficiency on the job site.

To further enhance its functionality, the BLB 730 tyre has been designed with an optimised inner volume. This allows for the tyre to reduce foam consumption, eliminating the chances of a flat tyre. This feature provides peace of mind to operators, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimising the need for maintenance.

The BLB 730 tyre is available in five different sizes to accommodate various boom lift vehicles. The range includes 315/55D20, 355/55D625, 15-625, 18-625, and 445/50D710, offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of aerial lift work platforms.

ASCENSO’s introduction of the BLB 730 tyre marks another step forward in the development of specialised equipment for the construction industry. With its focus on load-carrying capacity, stability, traction, and longevity, this tyre is poised to enhance the performance and safety of aerial lift work platforms. Whether it’s operating at height or manoeuvring on challenging terrain, the BLB 730 tyre provides the reliability and durability necessary for efficient and secure operations.

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