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    First Tayaraya Outlet Opens in Bukit Selambau

   The Selambau Enterprise Tayaraya retail chain outlet in Bukit Selam-      opening on 23rd May, 2023.
“Tayaraya is the retail brand of Kian         - yaraya outlet in Malaysia. As there are currently no plant manufacturing Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyres in Malay- sia, we see demand from the market,      Road (OTR) and TBR tyre segments. As one of the leading tyre importers in the country that specialises in these areas, we believe we could contribute not only products but also our expertise,” said James Lai, Director, Kian Heng Market- ing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd.
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Managed by Lim Choo Tun, the owner of Selambau Enterprise, and his two sons, Swee Hao and Swee Chiang, this new outlet specialises in tyre servicing for trucks and tractors from the agriculture and plantation industry in the area.
“When Kian Heng‘s salesperson ap- proached us around 18 months ago, we were quite sceptical about the product quality even though the pricing was very competitive. Nevertheless, we started by trying a small quantity just to test the quality. There were praises for the tyre quality and reasonable pricing from our customers and we started ordering more from the company. We are also very sat-       - livery, and honoured to be part of the Ta-
From left : Sean Kee, Head of Tire Division, Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd; Lim Swee Chiang, Lim Choo Tun, Selambau Enterprise; James Lai, Director, Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd; Lim Swee Hao, Selambau Enterprise and KS Yong, Sales & Marketing Executive, Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd
       outlet in Malaysia,” said Choo Tun.
Sean Kee, Head of Tire Division, Kian Heng, told The Tyreman that the compa- ny registered Tayaraya as a trademark in July last year. Tayaraya, he explained,                company’s great aspiration.
“We are all set to craft a niche in the mar- ket as Tayaraya is a dedicated commer- cial tyre specialist in agriculture, OTR and TBR products. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of       including BKT, DRC, Duraturn, Kingforest, Hanmix and many more, covering budget

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