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Pahang Tyre Dealer Association Celebrates 32nd Anniversary
Su Koi Kok President Pahang Tyre Dealer Association The Pahang Tyre Dealer Association marked its 32nd anniversary with a a a a a a a a a a commemorative event that fea- tured a a a a a a a a a a mini exhibition and and grand dinner This celebratory gathering took placed on on 20th August at at at the the Empire Seafood Res- taurant in Kuantan About 600 people attended the the event The mini exhibition showcased the the ac- tive participation of eight companies including LKM Retread Equipment Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd Api Petroleum Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd LT 4x4
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Tee Tau Chairman Malaysian Association of Tyre Retreaders & Dealers Societies (MATRDS)
Sdn Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd Bhd Joyall Tyres Sdn Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd Bhd Ad- vance Mega Auto (M) Sdn Sdn Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd Bhd Bhd and FML Supply Sdn Bhd Tee Tau the Chairman of of Malaysian As- sociation of of Tyre Retreaders & Dealers Societies (MATRDS)
called on on on the the gov- ernment to to consider permitting the the tyre industry to to to hire foreign technicians as a a a a a solution to to the the pressing labour shortage problem during the the celebration He em- phasised that this measure was crucial for the the advancement of the the Malaysian automotive industry and its technological progress “We urge the government to to encourage and provide support to to companies that are interested in in in in in setting up up scrap tyre handling facilities This long-standing is- sue of waste tyre disposal could be effec- tively addressed through expanding such facilities ensuring a a a a a a sustainable solution in in the long term ”
He pointed out that in in October last year MATRDS urged the the government to to solve the the scrap scrap tyre tyre issue at at a a a a a a a press conference in in in Melaka At that time scrap scrap tyres were piling up in in in in in in tyre tyre centres and accumulat- ing ing ing ing water after each rainfall leading to to a a a a a a a a a a a a breeding ground for mosquitoes that af- fected the health and safety of residents in in surrounding areas Today this problem was effectively resolved Meanwhile the Pahang Tyre Dealer As- sociation President Su Koi Kok expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the the tyre tyre industry tyre tyre manufacturers and suppliers for their unwavering support throughout the the As- sociation's 32-year journey The Associa- tion tion remained committed to enhancing its platform and and services and and providing even more robust support to its members 

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