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Ady Offroad Trading Promotes Westlake 4X4 Tyres

Ady Offroad Trading Westlake

Ady Offroads Trading is a 4×4 tyre and rim specialist shop located in Bandar Seri Coalfields, Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Ady: Westlake M8085 is the Bestselling Pattern for Offroaders

Owner Ady Zaidi started his business in 2010 when it was located in Damansara Damai, before moving to Bandar Seri Coalfields 4 years ago.

“After taking up 4×4 sports as a hobby 15 years ago, I decided to turn my passion into a business 11 years ago,” he said.

Ady has been selling Westlake 4×4 tyres for the past 3 years and has received very popular feedback from his clients. “The Westlake 4×4 tyres, especially the mud-terrain (MT) range are very popular with my clients who like to go off roading. The bestselling pattern is the M8085, a tough bias-ply construction MT tyre. With huge side biters on its super strong 3 ply sidewall, the M8085 offers maximum traction for extreme muddy off-road activities,” he commented….

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艾迪越野贸易(Ady Offroad Trading)是家位于雪州双溪毛糯斯里克菲镇(Seri Coalfields)的四驱车轮胎与轮辋专卖店。业主艾迪(Ady Zaidi)于2010年创业,最初店铺设在白沙罗达迈(Damansara Damai),4年前才搬迁到现址。


在过去的3年里,艾迪一直在销售威狮四驱车轮胎,并收获客户好评。 “威狮四驱车轮胎,尤其是泥地(MT)系列,特别受越野客户的欢迎。它们当中最畅销的是M8085,一款坚固的斜交层泥地轮胎。 M8085在其超强的3层帘布层组成的胎壁拥有设计独特具有咬合力的大块状花纹,可在极端的泥泞越野活动时提供最大的牵引力。”他评论说….


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