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Aeolus Showcases Neo Series at Automechanika Shanghai 2018

Aeolus Neo Automechanika Shanghai

The Neo Series is the first result of the collaboration between Aeolus and Prometeon Tyre Group.

New Neo AGC21 for Chinese Market

Aeolus made its debut at the recent Automechanika Shanghai 2018. Taking centre stage was the New Neo AGC21 that was launched in early 2018 in China.

Designed especially for the Chinese market, the Neo AGC21 is an all-position heavy truck tyre that is built to withstand heavier load carrying capability. It is said to be suitable for short-medium distance on general road surface. Its new zigzag circumferential groove design ensures better driveability and handling. Other features include open shoulder design for quick heat dispersion, stone ejectors that ‘reliably’ remove stones from the tread, and self-cleaning ability. Described as safe, high mileage and durable, it has only one size – 12.00R20.

The Neo Series is Aeolus’ third generation Truck Bus Radial (TBR) tyre, which was launched last year in Italy. It offered a wide range of above 70 products from 17.5 inch tyres to 22.5 inch tyres, covering long distance, regional use, on/off use, off road use and winter tyres. The Neo Series is the first result of the collaboration with the Prometeon Tyre Group, which was formerly Pirelli Industrial. This series features the latest technology from Prometeon, such as new tyre casing construction and rubber compound. Thus, the Neo tyres have a long life span and are retreadable. Durability and sustainability are also taken into account during the production process, and this is said to contribute to life span, fuel economy and road safety.

Lei Fang, Media & PR Director, Aeolus Tyres Co, Ltd and Jack Liu, Marketing & Sales Director, Prometeon Tyre Group – Region China APAC were present at the show.

The Neo Series is also available in Malaysia through Prometeon’s distributor Lik Thong Resources Sdn Bhd.

风神轮胎于Automechanika Shanghai


风神轮胎最近参与2018年Automechanika Shanghai国际展。 该公司的重点产品是于今年年初在中国推出的全新Neo AGC21 轮胎。

Neo AGC21 是专为中国国内市场所设计的全轮位重型卡车胎,拥有更强的承载能力。它适用于中短途,普通路面行驶。其曲折型花纹纵沟设计,确保强大的驱动性和操控能力。其他的特点包括开放式的胎肩设计,使胎肩拥有更强的散热性,优异的排石性能可有效地将石子从花纹中排出,以及自洁性。它被称为是一条安全、具有高里程数、耐磨的轮胎, 目前只推出12.00R20 一种尺寸。

Neo系列是风神轮胎研发的第三代卡客车子午胎产品,去年在意大利隆重推出。它拥有70多种不同产品,  从17.5至22.5寸,覆盖长途、区域用途、公路/越野应用轮胎,以及冬天轮胎。Neo系列是该公司与Prometeon轮胎集团(前身为倍耐力工业)的首次合作成果。此轮胎系列采用Prometeon的技术,如新的胎体结构和复合胶料。因此,Neo系列拥有较长的使用寿命,而且能够翻新。在制造过程中,也特别考虑到了产品的耐磨性和可持续性,这些都使该系列轮胎拥有更长的使用寿命、更省油及更安全。


Neo系列已经登陆大马,并由Prometeon在马来西亚的经销商Lik Thong Resources私人有限公司负责销售

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