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AFI Brake Manufacturing Exhibits Again at Automechanika Shanghai 2018

The products that AFI Brake Manufacturing exhibited were its disc brake pads, brake shoes and brake lining.

AFI Brake Manufacturing to Increase Product Capacity

Terengganu-based AFI Brake Manufacturing Sdn Bhd once again participated in the Automechanika Shanghai 2018, Asia’s largest trade fair for automotive parts, accessories, equipment and services. Held from 28th November to 2nd December, 2018, the event was staged at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai), China.

“This was our fifth time. For us, trade shows are a good platform not only for gathering information from those we meet and generating new leads, but also in catching up with our existing clients,” said Marketing Executive Alan Lin.

The products that the company exhibited were its disc brake pads, brake shoes and brake lining. “For the disc brake pads, our 3 main brands are Super Grip, Olymas and Olymas Ex. The Super Grip and Olymas Ex are both low metallic brake pads while the Olymas is a ceramic formulation brake pad that offers outstanding initial stopping power. It is made from asbestos-free brake compounds. In market positioning, the Olymas Ex is our high-end product and Olymas is our mid-range. We also have other brands such as Techstar and Magnum low metallic brake pads, Ceramate and Rotormate ceramic formulation brake pads, RS Performance Sports and RS Performance Endurance metallic performance brake pads, just to name a few. ”

All of its products have received recognition and meet the standards of European ECE- R90 (E-Mark), Malaysian standard MS1164 and American National standards – Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – VESC REG V3 standard.

“We have two manufacturing plants in Terengganu producing 2 million sets of brake pads and 1 million brake shoes every year. Initially, our plants only produced for the Japan market. Over the years, we started to produce for domestic and other overseas markets as well. Today, 60 per cent of our total production is exported, mostly to the Middle East and other Asian countries including China, and Southeast Asia except Laos. The remaining 40 per cent is for local consumption. ”

Lin revealed that the company had just started to produce brake pads for commercial vehicles early last year under the Super Grip brand.

“Our future plan is to increase our production capacity and our next target is to enter European, American and Australian markets,” he added.

Established in 1997, AFI Brake Manufacturing is an integrated manufacturer of automotive disc brake pads for the aftermarket segment. Besides manufacturing its own products under the respective brand names, the company also provides a customer’s brand manufacturing service.


辉胜刹车片制造公司再次亮相2018年Automechanika Shanghai


登嘉楼辉胜刹车片制造有限公司(AFI Brake Manufacturing Sdn Bhd)再次参加2018年Automechanika Shanghai ,亚洲最大的汽车零部件、配件、设备及服务贸易展。此展会于2018年11月28日至12月2日在上海国家会展中心盛大举行。


该公司所展示的产品有刹车片、刹车蹄和刹车来令片。“我们主要的刹车片品牌有Super Grip、Olymas及Olymas Ex三种。Super Grip和Olymas Ex是低金属刹车片,而Olymas则是陶瓷刹车片,可提供卓越的初始制动力。它采用无石棉化合物制成。在市场定位方面,Olymas Ex是我们的高档产品,而Olymas是中档系列。我们也有其他的品牌如Techstar和Magnum低金属刹车片、Ceramate和Rotormate陶瓷刹车片、RS Performance Sports和RS Performance Endurance金属性能刹车片等。”

辉胜公司的所有产品都 深受认可,符合欧洲ECE-R90 (E-Mark)、马来西亚标准MS1164及美国国家标准—美国汽车工程师学会(SAE)- VESC REG V3 标准。


林进兴透露说,该公司在去年年初开始生产Super Grip品牌商用车刹车片。


成立于1997年,辉胜是一家后市场综合盘式刹车片制造商 。除了制造自己各种品牌的刹车片外,该公司也提供产品代工服务。

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