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Against All Odds with Aunty Mok

Aunty Mok

Mok Yoke Lin, the 76- year-old founder of Aik Hin Motor Tayar, dedicated almost her whole life to the heavily male-dominated tyre industry.

The Inspiring Life Story of Aunty Mok – the Founder of Aik Hin Motor Tayar

The number of female drivers continues to rise in Malaysia, but you hardly find female automotive technicians and mechanics, as well as female tyre experts in the country. The same goes for female-owned and operated tyre servicing centres. This has made Mok Yoke Lin, the 76- year-old founder of Aik Hin Motor Tayar, who has dedicated almost her whole life to the heavily male-dominated tyre industry, even more special.

“I have been in the tyre servicing industry for more than 50 years,” she explains. “When I got married to my husband, I knew nothing about tyres and the industry. I stayed with my mother in-law after giving birth to my daughter. It was after I delivered my son that she gave me RM 5,000 as capital to set up my own business.”

Aik Hin was established in 1967 at Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya. “RM 5,000 was not a big amount. Our shop was quite empty at that time. We could only afford to purchase a few tyres after we bought the necessary equipment and tools. Our business was not stable. It was tough, and at that time, all of my children were still studying.

“Running a tyre servicing centre was not easy,” she adds. “It’s dirty and can be really hard-work.” However, Mok managed to learn from scratch. Besides retail, they did all sorts of tyre repair and servicing, including motorcycle and bicycle.

In 1985, they shifted to Taman Delima Cheras, where they are currently located. Business is never smooth sailing, though. Mok still had to do some part-time jobs as what they made from the tyre servicing centre was not enough.

“We had to pay the mortgage and food, as well as other miscellaneous expenses,” she says.

Mok’s three sons later left school and helped her out. “Many people still believe the phrase ‘woman in the kitchen, man in the garage’. But, for me, changing and rotating the tyres, or working under the hood are more enjoyable than cooking. Aik Hin is a family business, and I was so blessed with my three sons that could work together with me as a team. Before my husband passed away, he was also part of our team. There could be nothing more fulfilling or enriching than working together under the roof of our own tyre centre.”

Aik Hin has grown steadily over the years and has a well-earned reputation for providing good quality products and services with a personal touch. Mok’s efforts finally paid off, but she never rests on her laurels. She has been committed since day-one, and in her old age, she still full of energy and enthusiasm, and she come to the centre every day. Changing a 17-inch or 18-inch diameter tyre is still a piece of cake for her. On top of this, Aik Hin has been selling Japanese tyre brands for more than 15 years, and the company has recently joined Giti Tires’ network.

The services that Aik Hin provides include passenger car and motorcycle tyre retail, tyre servicing and repair, oil change, vehicle repair, as well as car suspensions. As 99 per cent of their business comes from regular customers, Mok says, Aik Hin opened for a half-day on the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

“We are in a service business,” she says. “This is for the convenience of our customers, who have busy schedules, ensuring that they can service or send their car to us for inspection before traveling back their hometown or going outstation with peace of mind. The safety of our customer is our priority. We closed on the second half of that day, whereby we still had ample time for our reunion dinner.”

In short, Aunty Mok, a 76-year-old mother and tyre mechanic has committed her entire life to the family with passion, love and family bonding through unyielding perseverance. Her children are enjoying working together with her in their shop.

Aik Hin has been selling Japanese tyre brands for than 15 years, and the company has recently joined Giti Tires network.

Sometimes a video paints a better picture than a text. You can log into to read the motivation story of Aunty Mok.



“我在轮胎服务业已经50多年了。我嫁给我先生时,完全不懂轮胎和轮胎行业 ,生下女儿后就与家婆同住。儿子出世后,家婆就给了我5千令吉作为创业资本。”她表示。

1967年, 她在八打灵再也百乐花园(Paramount Garden) 成立了益兴。“5千令吉其实不多。当时,我们的店空空荡荡。我们在购买了所需要的设备和工具后,只够买几条轮胎。我们的生意不稳定。那时候,我的孩子都还在求学,日子过得很艰难。”


1985年,他们搬迁到蕉赖Taman Delima,也就是他们目前的地点。但轮胎店的生意并非一帆风顺, 莫阿姨必须兼职来帮补家用。


莫阿姨的三个儿子后来辍学到店里帮忙。“许多人仍然相信‘厨房是女人的天下,修车厂是男人的世界’。但是对我来说,比起烹饪,我更喜欢更换和对调轮胎,或者在车底工作。 益兴是家族生意,而我能够和三个儿子组成一个工作团队真的很有福气。在我先生过世前,他也是我们这个团队的一分子。没什么经验能够比在我们拥有的轮胎店一起工作来得更充实和更丰盛!”

这些年来,益兴稳定增长,并凭借着提供个性化,品质优良的产品和服务赢得了口碑。莫阿姨的努力终于获得了回报,但是她却不会因此而满足于现有的成就。她从第一天投身于这个行业开始就下定了决心,即使现在年纪大了,她依然精力十足和充满热情,每天风雨不改地到轮胎店工作。拆装一条17 寸或18寸的轮胎,对她来说是件轻而易举的事。



简而言之,76 岁的莫妈妈轮胎技师,不屈不挠,以惊人的毅力、无尽的热诚和爱将一生献给她的家人 。她的儿子都很享受和珍惜,在轮胎中心与她共事的日子。


视频说故事的能力往往比文字更好。登录 观赏莫阿姨激励人心和启智的故事。

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