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Aisin Clutch and Advics Brake Cylinders: Exceeding Expectations

Aisin Clutch Advics Brake Cylinders

Aisin says OE standards and quality must be met for hydraulics, especially for the safety-related components such as brake hydraulic components.  

State-of-the-art Aisin Clutch and Advics Brake Cylinders

Based on the philosophy of ‘Quality First’, the Aisin Group is a Tier One, worldwide supplier of automotive components covering almost every automobile-related field, including brakes, transmissions, drivetrain, chassis, body and information-related systems and components, vehicle safety systems, electronics and engine-related parts.

Aisin‘s original equipment (OE) technology and know-how are applied to designing and engineering the latest state-of-the-art in hydraulics. This makes Aisin the top supplier of vital hydraulic components to the Japanese automobile industry. Each part is manufactured according to vehicle specifications to ensure product quality and reliability. Precision honing of Aisin hydraulic cylinders are monitored under OE quality control standards.

Meanwhile, the Aisin Group also includes Advics Co Ltd, a global supplier of brake systems boasting the world’s top level technology, with products that meet or exceed specifications, assuring industry-leading braking performance.

Four hydraulics product lines are available under Aisin hydraulics aftermarket products line-up: Brake Master Cylinder (BMC) and Brake Wheel Cylinder (BWC) under Advics brand; Clutch Master Cylinder (CMC) and Clutch Release Cylinder (CRC) under Aisin Brand; and Advics Brake Cylinders.

Aisin says OE standards and quality must be met for hydraulics, especially for the safety-related components such as brake hydraulic components.

Advics Brake Master Cylinders are made mainly from metallic components including iron and aluminium. Also, there are Advics cylinders that use non-metallic lightweight durable composite materials that do not rust even under severe use. Another benefit of using non-metallic materials is improved fuel savings due to the lower weight.

For a metallic based cylinder, the body and piston undergo special anti-corrosion processes such as Alumite treatment (surface treatment for aluminium alloy) to improve the durability of the cylinder body and piston. Similarly, there is a special anti-rust treatment for iron-based cylinder body and piston. In addition, a roller burnishing process is used to improve the scratch resistance quality and smoothness of the inner surface of the cylinder that enhances product durability and performance.

Advics Brake Wheel Cylinders also undergo a similar anti-rust treatment using high-quality materials to improve product durability. It should be noted that Advics Brake Cylinders undergo durability tests and the products could last above 100,000km – a level that many other aftermarket brands are said not to achieve.

Aisin Clutch Cylinders

Aisin Clutch Cylinders are tested and known to last longer without functional failure and fluid leakage, compared with typical aftermarket standard competitors. This is partly due to an advanced anti-rust treatment process and the use of high-quality rubber seals.

Aisin Clutch Cylinders are renowned for advanced processes that result in better anti-corrosion quality for the cylinder body and piston, high cylinder durability against wear and tear, greater protection against brake fluid leakage as well as higher saving in maintenance cost. They are designed to react faster in response to the driver’s clutch and brake pedal inputs, which makes the driving experience more enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Advics Brake Discs would be launched in Malaysia in the first quarter of 2019.

Advics Brake Discs are said to be produced with stringent quality control and a specific production process that meet or exceed OE specifications, using carefully selected raw materials and the application of anti-rust coating.

Such processes enable the reduction of noise, vibration, wear and tear, and improve brake effectiveness, resulting in benefits such as abrasion resistance, high ‘coolability’ and rust prevention. This is to ensure that Advics Brake Discs provide the highest standards of reliability and motoring pleasure for the discerning customer


本着品质第一的理念,作为全球一线汽车零部件供应商的爱信集团(Aisin Group) ,其业务范围几乎覆盖所有汽车相关领域,包括制动器、传输、动力传动系统、底盘、车身及信息相关系统和 零部件、汽车安全系统、电子及引擎相关部件。

该集团的最新的液压产品,都是采用爱信原装配备(OE) 技术和专门知识设计而成。这使爱信成为日本汽车工业重要液压零部件的尖端供应商 。每一个部件都是按照汽车规格来制造,以确保产品的品质与可靠性。爱信液压缸的精密珩磨,符合原装配备配标准。

与此同时,爱信集团还包含爱德克斯株式会社(Advics Co., Ltd) ,一家全球制动系统供应商,拥有全球最顶尖的科技,制造出超越或符合规格的产品,确保其制动性能领先业界。

在爱信液压售后服务产品系列下有4种液压产品系列:爱德克斯制动主缸(Brake Master Cylinder )和制动轮缸(Brake Wheel Cylinder),爱信离合器主缸(Clutch Master Cylinder)和离合器释放缸(Clutch Release Cylinder)以及爱德克斯制动缸(Advics Brake Cylinders)。


爱德克斯制动主缸主要是以金属零部件组成,包括铁和铝。此外,也有采用非金属、轻量化耐用的复合材料制成的爱德克斯制动缸, 即使是在苛刻使用下,也不会生锈。采用非金属材料的另一个优点是重量较低,而且节油。

至于金属制成的制动缸 ,其缸身和活塞都经过特别的抗腐蚀程序,如氧化铝处理(铝合金表层处理),以强化缸身和活塞的耐用性。同样地,铁制的制动缸和活塞也经过特殊的抗锈处理。此外, 还有改善抗制动缸刮伤和内部表层光滑品质的滚动抛光程序,加强产品的耐用性和性能。




爱信离合器缸的先进处理程序,使缸身和活塞具有更好的抗锈能力、高耐磨性的缸可抗磨损,防止流体泄露,有效节省维修成本。  它们的设计,能够让它们在驾驶人采用离合器和制动踏板时,反应快速,带来一个更愉悦的驾驶体验。





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