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Apollo Opens First Tyre Service Centre in Malaysia

Equipped with modern automotive technologies, the centre is managed by Sin Chu Hin, one of the top tyre specialists in the southern region of Malaysia.

Apollo Truck Tyres Zone Opens in Malaysia

Apollo Tyres recently launched its first Apollo Truck Tyre Zone (ATTZ) in Malaysia, a one-stop solution centre for tyres on commercial fleets. The opening of the new centre was in line with Apollo Tyres’ focus to provide its consumers with convenient access to its extensive services. 

Equipped with modern automotive technologies, the centre is managed by Sin Chu Hin, one of the top tyre specialists in the southern region of Malaysia. The partnership, which is also the first one for Apollo Tyres outside India, is said to enable the delivery of quality products and services to the Malaysian market while creating sustainable value for customers. 

Speaking at the inauguration of Apollo Truck Tyre Zone in Malaysia, Satish Sharma, President,web, Middle East and Africa, Apollo Tyres Ltd, said: “Apollo is committed towards bringing the best of our products and services to our customers. This state-of-the-art truck service centre brings together Apollo’s extensive experience in truck and bus radials along with Sin Chu Hin’s 80-year long local experience for a range of services and solutions for our fleet customers in Malaysia, further cementing our steadfast commitment to the Malaysian automotive industry.” 

Apart from providing application-based tyre recommendation, the ATTZ is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including a computerised truck tyre alignment machine, automatic tyre changer, nitrogen inflator and offers end-to-end tyre related services for trucks and buses. These services are expected to reduce customers’ maintenance cost and fuel consumption. Taking the development in the dynamics of the vehicle platform, the ATTZ also has a training centre to guide consumers through their purchase decision. 

“We see a vast opportunity in Batu Pahat – a thriving business destination at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia that would offer the convenience to our customers, especially truck radials. The ATTZ is in fact the first of several truck service centres that we plan to open in partnership with our valued business partners in the ASEAN region,” added Shubhro Ghosh, Group Head, ASEAN, Middle East and Africa region for Apollo Tyres. 

In conjunction with the grand launch, Apollo Tyres offered customers exclusive vouchers with every purchase of its tyres. The ATTZ also offers special service packages for all types of fleets in the market. 

The centre, located along Jalan Kolek, Kawasan Perindustrian Tongkang Pecah, Batu Pahat, Johor, opens from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm, to suit the needs of customers, especially those travelling from far distances.




阿波罗轮胎在马来西亚开设首家“阿波罗卡车轮胎区”(ATTZ) , 一家为商用车车队提供一站式轮胎解决方案的全新服务中心。此家新落成的中心符合阿波罗轮胎聚焦于为消费者提供便利和全面服务的目标。 

ATTZ拥有先进汽车技术,由南马最著名的轮胎专家之一新聚兴(Sin Chu Hin)负责营运。这也是阿波罗轮胎首次在印度以外设立ATTZ一站式服务中心,据悉这可为大马消费者带来更好的产品和服务。 

阿波罗轮胎有限公司亚太区、中东及非洲区总裁沙迪斯.沙尔马(Satish Sharma)为ATTZ主持开幕时说:“阿波罗承诺将最好的产品和服务带给顾客。这家最先进的卡车服务中心,将阿波罗卡客车子午胎的广泛经验和新聚兴80年来的丰富本土车队服务和解决方案经验结合起来,进一步显示了我们对马来西亚汽车业的承诺。”  

除了按客户的应用提供轮胎建议外,ATTZ设备先进,配备电脑化调整卡车轮胎定位仪 、自动轮胎拆装机、轮胎氮气充气机,以及为卡客车提供端到端的轮胎相关服务。这些服务预期可减少消费者的维修费和油耗。因此,配合汽车平台动态的发展,ATTZ也设立训练中心来引导消费者如何选购轮胎。 

阿波罗东盟、中东及非洲区集团主席苏博格斯(Shubhro Ghosh)则说: “我们发现位于马来西亚半岛的峇株巴辖非常繁荣且具有巨大的发展潜能,能够为客户提供便利,特别是在卡车子午胎方面。事实上,ATTZ正是我们要与东盟区商业伙伴计划开设的几家卡车服务中心里的第一家。” 


为满足客户需求,特别是那些长途跋涉的客户,位于柔佛峇株巴辖Jalan Kolek, Kawasan Perindustrian Tongkang Pecah的ATTZ,营业时间从周一到周六,上午9时至傍晚7时。


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