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Apollo Tyres & Coltrac End User Event

The objective of the Apollo and Coltrac End User event was to promote Apollo’s brand and its truck tyre.

Apollo Tyres’ Second End User Event with Coltrac

Building on the success of the first end user event in May 2018, the partnership between Apollo Tyres Malaysia and Coltrac Sdn Bhd grew even stronger, leading to a second end user event.

Held on 14th December, 2018 at Soul’ed Out TTDI, the objective of the Apollo and Coltrac End User event was to promote Apollo’s brand and its truck tyre. With about 100 people in attendance, the participants were mainly fleet operators from the central region, which is the key market for the industry. 

In a fun-filled and casual dinner with their end users, the Apollo and Coltrac teams were able to gather feedback from the end users to see how they could further improve their products and services.

Apollo’s partnership with Coltrac started a couple of years ago and our tyres had been tried and tested by their demanding fleet customers who expected our tyres to perform to the highest standards. We are proud to say that Apollo continuously listens to the customers to make improvements and exceed their expectations, and they have become our satisfied loyal customers,” said Victor Siew, Divisional Head of Apollo Tyres Malaysia.  

Under the leadership of Managing Director Tom Tai, who has more than 20 years of experience in the tyre and retreading industry, Coltrac has become one of the strongest truck tyre and retread players in the central region. The company recently opened an Apollo Tyres outlet in Sungai Buloh, Selangor that catered to passenger car radial (PCR) and TBR customers. 

“We are very honoured to be working with a global brand like Apollo and after years of a successful partnership, we decided to change to an Apollo branded centre to bring our partnership to the next level. Excellent quality and affordable tyres coupled with a very supportive management team based in Malaysia are the reasons why Coltrac is so confident on building a future together with Apollo.” 

In addition, with the prestigious qualification like SIRIM MS224 and ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation, Coltrac is one of the earliest few retreaders to be widely renowned for its consistent retreading processes, safety standards and trustworthy services. It continues to remain competitive by investing in the latest retreading technology and equipment as well as continuous training for its staff. The company is one of the key retreaders for Apollo Tyres in Malaysia. 

At the event, a special offer was given by Coltrac as an appreciation of the loyal support provided by its customers.


阿波罗轮胎及可达 终端用户活动


随着2018年5月首次终端用户活动的成功举办,马来西亚阿波罗轮胎和可达轮胎有限公司(Coltrac Sdn Bhd)的伙伴关系愈发坚固,并在近日主办了第二次的用户终端活动。

阿波罗及可达终端用户活动于2018年12月14日在TTDI的Soul’ed Out 盛大举行,旨在推广阿波罗品牌和其卡车轮胎。与会者有近100人,主要是中马区车队营运者,而中马区正是该行业的主要市场。





除了拥有SIRIM MS224 与ISO 9001:2008认证外,可达是其中少数最早凭借其一致性的翻胎程序、安全标准及可信赖的服务而远近知名的翻胎公司。它持续在最新翻胎技术与设备,员工培训方面保持其竞争能力。该公司也是阿波罗轮胎在马来西亚的主要翻胎伙伴之一。








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