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Apollo Tyres Malaysia and Hiap Hoe Loon Tai Co-hosts Dealer Appreciation Night

More than 100 people attended the Dealer Appreciation Night that was co-sponsored by Apollo Tyres Malaysia and Hiap Hoe Loon Tai.  

Apollo Tyres Achieves Continued Success in Malaysia

Apollo Tyres Malaysia and Hiap Hoe Loon Tai Sdn Bhd co-hosted a dealer appreciation night dinner in the last quarter of 2019 at the IDCC Ideal Convention Centre, Shah Alam. The dazzling celebration was a recognition and gesture of appreciation for the tremendous contribution of Haip Hoe Loon Tai and its sub-dealers in helping Apollo Tyres Malaysia achieve continued success in the tyre industry.

Well attended by more than 100 people, the gala began with a display by drummers from the Deaf Beats, co-sponsored by Apollo Tyres Malaysia and Hiap Hoe Loon Tai. Supporting local drummers who have hearing disabilities to perform in their event is, said Apollo Tyres, aligned with the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Making the Dealer Appreciation Night more special was the fact that the whole event was conducted in Malay, which was the first time such an event has been conducted using the national language. This enhanced unity amongst the dealers in a celebration of racial and cultural diversity. Apollo Tyres Malaysia General Manager Victor Siew, Hiap Hoe Loon Tai Managing Directors Ng Kim Poh and Tan Saw Cheng were present. While the Apollo Tyre ambassadors wore traditional Malay costumes, Tan looked so elegant and beautiful in her classy saree she bought during her recent trip to India with Apollo Tyres.  

The best performing dealers were recognised during the presentation of Hiap Hoe Loon Tai Business Partner Performance Award 2019 to the best-performing dealers. The 2019 top performer, Fizzy Group Sdn Bhd was awarded with a trip to Europe. Indeed, the enduring partnership with their dealers has enabled Apollo Tyres to strengthen its business performance and market position in Malaysia. Apollo Tyres are confident of further increasing their market share in the country through Hiap Hoe Loon Tai and its sub-dealers. The company also took the opportunity to introduce Apollo Tyres Malaysia’s marketing programme and sales promotion to the participants.

Exciting lucky draw prizes from 13-inch Apollo tyres to the grand prize of a luxury trip to Istanbul, Turkey, spiced up the night and provided an add-on to the joyous vibes. While enjoying the mouth-watering Malaysian cuisine with free flow of drinks, a live performance by the local band capped the night with many beautiful Malay songs. 


2019年第四季,马来西亚阿波罗和协和轮胎私人有限公司于沙亚南IDCC Idaal会议中心,联手主办代理答谢晚宴。此耀眼的庆祝晚宴是为表扬和认可协和轮胎和其子代理的杰出表现和贡献,协助马来西亚阿波罗轮胎在轮胎行业中不断地壮大。

超过100人参与这个盛宴。Deaf Beats的鼓手以响亮激动人心的鼓声,拉开了该答谢晚宴的序幕。 马来西亚阿波罗轮胎表示,阿波罗轮胎与协和轮胎一起赞助在他们的活动中表演拥有听力障碍的本地鼓手,而这与该公司的企业社会责任一致。

此次的答谢代理之夜,因为采用马来文作为媒介语而更添特别。 这也是此类活动第一次以官方语言作为媒介语,在庆祝多元种族和文化的同时,加强了代理之间的团结。 出席的有马来西亚阿波罗轮胎总经理萧俊凯、协和轮胎董事经理黄金宝和陈素青。阿波罗轮胎大使穿着一身传统马来服,陈素青则以一袭美丽的纱丽亮相,高贵优雅。该纱丽是她近日与阿波罗轮胎前往印度时购买的。




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