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Apollo Tyres Malaysia Kicks Off in Sabah

Apollo Malaysia is not only concentrating on developing and supporting their business partners in Peninsular Malaysia, but also in East Malaysia.

Apollo Tyres Malaysia Shows Commitment to its Dealers in Sabah  

In pursuit of becoming one of the leading brands in the local market, Apollo Tyres Malaysia has been eye-catchingly active in the country. Apart from billboards, print advertisements signages and trade shows, they have also leveraged on their partnership with Manchester United (MU) as the Club’s global tyre partner by organising Meet & Greet sessions with the former MU player Wes Brown and the legendary MU defender David May. Over here in Malaysia, they have recently taken up the sponsorship of United Malaysia Football Club, as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 

Above all, special emphasis has been placed on the on-going education of their dealers and sub-dealers, equipped them with the relevant product knowledge and skills, so that they are capable of facing the market challenges. 

Apollo Malaysia is not only concentrating on developing and supporting their business partners in Peninsular Malaysia, but also in East Malaysia. From joint show participation and the various training sessions that have been co-organised with Sabah dealers to the sponsorship of United Football Club in Sabah, have shown clearly their long-term commitment and ambition to further build their presence there. 

Participation in Trade Show to Enhance Brand Awareness

On 28th and 29th September, Apollo Tyres Malaysia and its business partner KNY Tyres Sdn Bhd together took part in the International Auto Modified (IAM) exhibition, held at Sabah Trade Centre. Having been held for many years, IAM is a very popular exhibition in the ASEAN region, and this was the first time it had been held in Sabah in its 19 years of touring. It is a platform to showcase modified cars that allows visitors to appreciate the creativity and innovation of the car modifiers. Besides modified cars, the event featured Miss HIN Beauty Pageant competitions where the winner gets to bag impressive prizes.

The Apollo Tyres Malaysia team and KNY put up a booth in IAN to showcase a series of Apollo products. David Yong, James Yong and Paul Yong, the Directors of KNY were present in the show.

Taking the centre stage was an antique car Mitsuoka Classic Type F fitted with Apollo 185/60/R14 Alnac 4G tyres. The team also took the opportunity to promote Apollo Tyres one-year unconditional warranty programme and Apollo Manchester United Tyres, which ultimately help to build brand awareness in the Sabah market.

The various training sessions that were co-organised with its respective business partner include one TBR training and two PCR training sessions.

Co-organised Training to Benefit Dealers and Sub-Dealers

Kai Shen Marketing and SF Tyre & Battery Apollo Tyres TBR Training was held on 28th September at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. More than 30 people turned out for the training, including Wee Kien Seng, Director of SF Tyre & Battery Sdn Bhd and Liow Henn On, Director of Kai Shen Marketing (EM) Sdn Bhd.

The aim of this training for Apollo Tyres Malaysia was to motivate and increase the team spirit of their sub-dealers, and create a vibe of “We are One Family”. The company also showcased their main range of Apollo TBR 295/80R22.5 tyres and also Apollo LTR tyres consisting of 215/75R17.5, 225/75R17.5 and 235/75R17.5 sizes.

It was a perfect opportunity for the Apollo team and their business partners to share knowledge about Apollo tyres to their fleet customers, whilst enjoying mouth-watering delicacies and drinks.

This was followed by two PCR training sessions, the HL Tyres & Batteries Sdn Bhd Apollo Tyres PCR Training and Sabah Tire Service Centre Apollo Tyres PCR Training.

Held on 9th October at the Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was the HL Tyres & Batteries Sdn Bhd Apollo Tyres PCR Training. The training, which aimed to enhance the dealers’ knowledge on Apollo Tyres unique selling points, successfully attracted 35 dealers, with the help of Monica Foo, Director of HL Tyres & Batteries.

Meanwhile the Sabah Tire Service Centre Apollo Tyres PCR Training was held on 3rd November at the Sabah Hotel, Sandakan, Sabah. Chung Thau Siong, the Director of Sabah Tire Service Centre and about 30 dealers were present.

Both training sessions were described by the attendees as fruitful, with lots of food and drinks. This, stressed Apollo Tyres Malaysia, is aligned with the company’s continuous approach of their ‘One Family’ concept to have a friendly and casual environment for their supportive business partners.

Apollo Tyres Malaysia have kickstarted their journey from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan, organising training for their supportive customers as part of Apollo Tyres commitment to support the dealer network in Sabah. The company shared that this would be part of a continuous effort to widen their brand awareness.

Last but not least, Apollo Tyres Malaysia have taken up the shirt sponsorship of United Malaysia Football Club in Sabah as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The company sponsored the shirts for the under 16 team that has their matches on the 29th, 30th September and 1st October and the under 11 team that played on 10th, 11th and 12th October 2019 at the Stadium Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

United Malaysia Football Club President Batholomew Jingulam thanked Apollo Tyres for their shirt sponsorship. He said, this would help the local Football club in Sabah to boost the players’ confidence, who participated in the Borneo Cup 2019. As for Apollo Tyres Malaysia, this was also aligned with Apollo’s interest in the game considering their global partnership with Manchester United

The players had clearly shown their interest and determination by putting lots of effort into the game. Thus, Apollo Tyres Malaysia believes this will be the stepping stone for many more sponsorships in order to enhance the development of football in Malaysia.




这些年来,马来西亚阿波罗轮胎相当活跃于本地业界。 除了广告牌、平面广告,招牌及贸易展,他们也运用了他们作为曼联足球俱乐部全球伙伴的关系,在国内主办了与曼联球星韦斯●布朗(Wes Brown)和曼联传奇后卫大卫●梅(David May)的见面会。近日,他们还赞助了马来西亚曼联足球俱乐部,作为他们企业社会责任(CSR)的一部分。这种种分外引人注目的行销努力,都不外乎是为了成为本地的领先品牌之一。


马来西亚阿波罗并没有后此薄彼,除了专注发展和支援在马来西亚半岛的业务伙伴外,他们也同样重视东马的伙伴。与沙巴代理联手主办展会和各种培训, 赞助沙巴曼联足球俱乐部等,都清楚表明他们为进一步建立其知名度的承诺和野心。


9月28和29日,马来西亚阿波罗轮胎与其业务伙伴KNY轮胎私人有限公司一同参与在沙巴贸易中心盛大举行的国际改装车(IAM)展览会。这个已经主办过许多届的展会,是东盟区域中相当受欢迎的展会之一,而这也是该展会19年来第一次在沙巴举办。它是一个展示改装车的平台,让观众有机会目睹改装车者的创造力和创新。在改装车以外,该活动还有一个Miss HIN Beauty Pageant 竞赛,胜出者将赢得吸引人的奖品。

马来西亚阿波罗轮胎团队和KNY在国际改装车展会中展示一系列阿波罗轮胎。出席的有KNY董事David Yong、James Yong及Paul Yong。

占据其展位中心位置的是一辆安装上阿波罗185/60/R14 Alnac 4G 轮胎的Mitsuoka Classic Type F汽车。该团队也借机推广阿波罗轮胎为期一年的无条件保修计划和阿波罗曼联轮胎,以协助建立阿波罗在沙巴的品牌意识。



9月28日,Kai Shen 行销和SF轮胎及电池阿波罗轮胎卡客车子午胎培训在沙巴亚庇Promenade酒店举行。共有30人参加该培训,包括SF轮胎及电池私人有限公司董事Wee Kien Seng 和Kai Shen行销(东马)私人有限公司董事Liow Henn On 。

该培训旨在激励和提高子代理的团队精神,营造“我们是一家人”的氛围。该公司也展示了他们的主要阿波罗卡客车子午胎295/80R22.5轮胎和规格为215/75R17.5、225/75R17.5 及235/75R17.5的阿波罗轻卡子午胎。


接着是两个轿车子午胎培训,HL 轮胎及沙巴轮胎服务中心阿波罗轮胎轿车子午胎培训。

10月9日,HL轮胎及沙巴轮胎服务中心阿波罗轮胎轿车子午胎培训假沙巴山打根沙巴酒店举行。这个旨在强化代理有关阿波罗轮胎独特销售点知识的培训,在HL轮胎及电池董事Monica Foo的协助下,成功吸引了35名代理参加。

与此同时,沙巴轮胎服务中心阿波罗轮胎轿车子午胎培训则在11月3日,在沙巴山打根沙巴酒店举行。与会的有沙巴轮胎服务中心董事Chung Thau Siong和大约30名代理。

上述两大培训的与会者表示,除了美食佳肴,该培训令他们获益良多 。马来西阿波罗强调说,此培训与该公司持续的“一家人”经营概念和为支持其商业伙伴营造友善的休闲环境理念一致。


此外,作为其社会企业文化倡议之一,马来西亚阿波罗轮胎还成为沙巴的马来西亚曼联足球俱乐部T恤赞助商,。该公司在2019年9月29日和30日,以及10月1日赞助其16岁以下出征队伍T恤,还有10月10日和11日,以及12日出战的11岁以下队伍的T恤。 这些比赛都是在沙巴亚庇宾南邦(Penampang)体育馆举行。

马来西亚曼联足球俱乐部主席巴塞洛缪(Batholomew Jingulam)谢谢阿波罗轮胎的T恤赞助。他说,这将协助沙巴本地足球俱乐部,提高出征2019年婆罗洲杯球员的信心。对马来西亚阿波罗轮胎来说,此赞助也与该公司对足球的兴趣一致,尤其是该公司是曼联的全球合作伙伴。





















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