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ARO22 Alignment Lift Wins 2021 PTEN Innovation Award

ARO22 Alignment Lift PTEN

Rotary’s ARO22 Alignment Lift was recognised as a winner of PTEN’s 2021 Innovation Award in the lift category.

Rotary AR022 Wins Award

Rotary’s ARO22 Alignment Lift is the highest capacity open-front alignment lift on the market and can handle everything from passenger vehicles to larger work trucks. The lift has a 26-inch-wide platform runway and air-operated rolling jacks, including a 9,000-pound-capacity front jack and a low-profile, 15,000-pound-capacity rear jack. With these features, the ARO22 can service everything from low-profile Class 1 passenger vehicles to Class 5 vehicles weighing up to 22,000 pounds.

The ARO22 is designed to accommodate the widest range of vehicles, enhance technician productivity and help boost profitability. The ARO22 is also compatible with other alignment systems on the market. The PTEN Innovation Awards were established in 1999 to honor companies that innovate with new tools and equipment to help auto repair professionals excel at their jobs. The award continues to recognise outstanding companies and products responding to the automotive repair industry’s market challenges with creativity and innovation.

This year, the publication received a total of 137 product nominations and recognised top products in 23 categories. Products were evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of automotive repair industry professionals on their ability to make vehicle diagnosis and repair easier and more efficient while making shops more productive.

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