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Ascenso Strengthens Distribution in Off-Highway Sector

In a relatively short space of time, Ascenso Tyres has become a well-established name in the off-highway tyre sector.

Ascenso Offers Strong Presence at TyreXpo Asia show

Promoted by the Mumbai, India-based Mahansaria Tyres Pvt. Ltd, the company has an ambitious vision to build a global, market-leading off-highway tyre business, and has already made significant steps towards that goal, one of the latest developments being the appointment earlier this year of Dhaval Nanavati as Deputy CEO of Ascenso to help entrepreneur Yogesh Mahansaria develop the brand globally. Earlier this year, Ascenso offered a strong presence at the TyreXpo Asia show in Singapore, where we were able to interview Nanavati about the company’s strategies for the growth of the brand.

Ascenso was conceived specifically as an off-highway tyre brand with a focus on agriculture, forestry and construction and has demonstrated considerable growth over the past three years. Firstly, the company set up a greenfield off-highway tyre manufacturing plant in Panoli, Gujarat (India). With an investment of over US$ 100 million, the plant, spread over 127 acres of land, has a production capacity of 40,000 MT….

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由总部位于印度孟买的Mahansaria轮胎私人有限公司(MTPL)推广的Ascenso轮胎,在短短的时间里已成为非公路用轮胎领域的知名品牌。该公司雄心勃勃的愿景是建立一个领先全球市场的非公路用轮胎业务,并已经朝着这个目标迈出了重要的一步。该公司的最新发展是在今年较早前委任了纳纳瓦帝(Dhaval Nanavati)为Ascenso副首席执行员,以协助企业家马汉萨里亚(Yogesh Mahansaria)在全世界各地发展该品牌。Ascenso 在今年新加坡的TyreXpo Asia展会上大放异彩,《卡客车新闻》采访了纳纳瓦帝,以了解该公司的品牌发展战略。

Ascenso被打造成一个专注于农业、林业和建筑业的非公路用轮胎品牌,并在过去三年中取得了相当大的增长。首先,该公司在印度古吉拉特邦的帕诺利新建了一个非公路用轮胎制造厂。这家工厂投资超过1亿美元,占地127英亩,拥有40,000 吨的生产力….


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